Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Huawei and LG are all competing for your interests in the smartwatch arena, making shopping for your first or second wearable a rather tricky affair. We certainly hear a whole lot about the Moto360, Huawei and LG’s Android Wear IU and Apple’s WatchOS and their exciting features, complications and apps but what we don’t know much about it the operating system running the samsung gear watch.

On the surface, Android Wear and Apple have the backup of hundreds of thousands of developers behind them creating a steady stream of apps to suit every need and function. On the other hand, apps for samsung’s Tizen OS may be a little on the limited side. Yet, the samsung gear watch is still one of the most popular options on the market and it’s not just Tizen’s ease of use that makes the case. So what makes the Gear S2 such a popular wearable?

Looks Do Matter:

First up, I’ve got to say that I think looks do matter. I know many people who have’t invested in smart watches simply because they look so, clunky and massive, overcomplicated or downright cartoonish. The samsung gear watch, the Gear S2 in particular, is sleek, minimalist, futuristic and seriously quite a sexy device. With its circular screen, it’s got that Swatch type simplicity that makes it an unassuming accompaniment to any style of dress.

It has a screen size on par and even larger than some of its competitors but the design manages to pull it off looking a whole lot less bulky. Its narrower, lighter and more comfortable than the majority of smartwatches that were released during the same wave.  Plus, between the standard Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic, there are a wealth of Samsung and 3rd party bands from which to choose. What’s more, Samsung have made swapping out bands so much easier than most with their fast release buttons stationed on the underside of the case, just a click and out they come.

That Bezel Though:

The samsung gear watch struck absolute gold with their incorporation of a rotating bezel or Circular UX that effectively introduces a new, easier method of navigating your interface. I can see people purchasing the smartwatch just because they love the feel, functionality and idea of this funky innovation.

While the Moto360’s lack of bezel volume makes you worry about chipping the screen edges and Huawei Watch’s bezel is so massive and fixed that it only gets in your way, the Gear S2 makes full and innovative use of the bezel in all its glory. Compensating for not having the Moto360’s screen size by making interface navigation that much simpler than any other watch on the market.

Shifting a rotating bezel by degrees requires exponentially less effort on your part than does the consistent and repeated, full touch screen swipe in order to find a widget that’s, say, 5 faces away. Not to mention the slight but satisfying clicking feeling as do said shifting.

Beyond that, Tizen developers went to great lengths to ensure that just about everything can be done with that rotating bezel. They make you love the bezel, they get you hooked on the bezel.

Tizen’s Ease Of Use:

Tizen may not have as many developers feverishly crafting new apps to keep you entertained but one area where it is an industry leader is in the ease of use department. Tizen is arguably the watch UI with the least unnecessaries. Everything is intuitively placed and requires minimal effort to reach with the use of the bezel or even by way of the normal touch method. Plus, there’s very little lag and animations are swiftly changed through with the bezel.

Minimalist design and intuitive layout make the samsung gear watch a popular choice both for the not so tech savvy older generation and the fast moving younger lot alike.

All the Necessaries:

Despite a lack of third party apps or Samsung developers, the samsung gear S2 features all the must-have smart watch features. From fitness tracking and coaching to notifications, custom faces and a host of standalone uses, the Gear S2 will keep you up to date and completely covered. If you have the 3G variety you’ll have a standalone wearable that does all the tasks it should and doesn’t require you to carry a phone around with you.

Battery Efficiency:

The  last serious pro that the Samsung Gear S2 has in its arsenal is just how power efficiently everything on this watch seems to run as a whole. I believe it has a lot to do with the ‘as a crow flies’ design of the Tizen UI, in combination with the minimal energy consumption when you use the rotating bezel but even with it’s less than huge 350 mAh Li Ion battery, the 3G Gear S2 kicks out a whole lot more for your charge’s worth than its competition.

Indeed, the Samsung Gear S2 is one of the few smartwatches that allows you to really make the most of sleep tracking apps. When you finally do need a charge, the sleek wireless charge cradle will do the job of filling those bars within less than 3 hours so it’s really not much of an inconvenience at all.

Also the device’s power saving mode is quite remarkable and if you switch to it at less than 20% power in the early morning, it will actually see you right through until evening.


Top of all these obvious benefits of owning a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with the fact that any Android phone user with a version higher than 4.4 and any iPhone user with 9.0 iOS or higher can enjoy the device and the only real drawback is that Tizen App Store situation, which is improving slowly. For me, the rotating bezel is such a clear winner though, that I struggle to understand why other brands haven’t followed suit.