The beginning of 2017 saw Google releasing the second version of its Android Wear interface, Android Wear 2.0. This operating system is one of the reasons we’re so crazy about the new lg smartwatch and, indeed, the LG Watch Sport features all the connectivity and screen size necessary to really show off what Android Wear 2.0 has to offer.

So, this article is  for those smartwatch lovers who’ve persevered through the reign of version 1.0 and are keen to discover what’s on offer with the release of the new lg smartwatch and its pride and joy, Android Wear 2.0. Let’s take a closer look at the functions and features that set this wave of sport watches and smart watches apart from the last.

Automatic Activity Recognition

GoogleFit for Android Wear 2.0 is one of the reasons you may see a slight increase in size on co-designed examples housing this second wave of interfaces. The app now includes automatic activity recognition which will use movement sensors and programmed algorithms to identify, classify and log your aerobic and strength training moves completely on its own brainpower.

No more scrolling or swiping through apps because Android Wear 2.0 on your new lg smartwatch will simply recognize your step dynamics and open a relevant application to start tracking all by itself. I like the idea of a watch that does things for me…without me having given it anything in return.

Truth be told, the feature isn’t 100% accurate all the time but it still saves more time and frustration than any of us could have hoped for.

Standalone Applications

Having PlayStore on your smartwatch and being able to download apps directly to your wrist will make a world of difference.

This is a big deal for all app junkies because it means you won’t have to fill up your phone with apps that you’re only using on your smart watch. Your phone functions and your WiFi and app usage no longer depend on tethering to a nearby cellphone, meaning…devices like the new lg smartwatch, with Google’s Android Wear2.0, are basically a whole new kind of smart device.

You can  make and receive calls independently of your phone, you can run apps with your phone no-where near. You don’t have to take your phone with you to the gym! This is a lifesaver for iPhone users who saw Apple refusing to make apps available to accommodate the link any further. Now you can download the apps you need directly to your watch.

Cool Complications

I know, the name seems very counterintuitive but Google’s new Complications are widgets that are absolutely not designed to complicate things. In fact, they do exactly the opposite. What they are is essentially a window into your apps. So, on different faces you can display info from certain apps at all times and even interact with them to a certain extent.

What makes this useful is that you can customize different watch faces with context relevant complications and then have your faces lined up for swiping through in the correct sequence. Workout watch face, work watch face, cooking time watch face…for example.

New Look Design

The material design feature of Android Wear 2.0 is a big plus for anyone who found the swiping action (in order to locate apps) just a little excessive on version 1.

If you’re a lover of round watch screens, like what we see on the new lg smartwatch, the new look design is even more essential. Pressing the side button opens your app launcher which accommodate round screens by having the app icons displayed in a half moon to fit perfectly within the screen and you can hold and drag, like you do on your smart phone, in order to rearrange the list.

Android Pay

This remarkable feature is bound to teleport you into the age of science fiction. Ever seen those movies where people pay for things with their eye or fingertip? Well, now you can pay with your wrist.

Android Pay allows you to load your credit card information onto the watch and simply pay with a tap of the face, meaning you can say goodbye to carrying a wallet with you so you can stop off with the troop mid-cycle for croissants and OJ. If that’s not a flying leap toward utter convenience, then I don’t know what is!

More Ways Than One

The addition of handwriting, keyboard and smart reply options together with good old voice recognition is going to make input easy for everyone on the new range of devices.

Handwriting recognition will allow you to literally write words out with your fingertip and also draw emojis, which the device will recognize and cast. The keyboard is a small keyboard like you’d find on your phone and definitely calls for screens with a little more surface area. Then, last but not least, Smart Reply will bring up a list of context based optional replies to any message for when you’re too busy to input manually.


With the release of the second wave of smart watches well underway, it really is the battle of the interfaces to a large extent and, as far as we can see, Android Wear 2.0 is a mighty big contender. Good news for you if you had your heart set on that sweet looking new Sport Watch from LG.