If you’re a runner or a fitness fiend who wants all the fitness features of a sport or running watch in balanced concert with the more connectivity based features of the true smartwatch, then the huawei sport smart watch might just be the one for you. Keep in mind though, you’ll also have to be someone who prefers a really small screen and isn’t phased about not being on trend, looks wise.

Besides those fussy superficial issues, there’s a lot to be said about a smartwatch that offers the best of both worlds, sport and smart, with extra connectivity approaches that allow you to use the device in completely standalone capacity. I love the fact that you can insert a sim card and use this smart watch with absolutely no phone tether. I also love the fact that Android Wear 2.0 allows you a near limitless selection of apps and complications from which to choose.

Still, given that the huawei sport smart watch so openly declares its sportiness, it only makes sense for us to take a closer look at sport specific features on offer in this latest addition to the Huawei smartwatch line.

Small, Protected Screen, Lightweight Build And Sporty Strap

The protective ceramic bezel serves to guard the edges of the 1.2# AMOLED display on the round faced Huawei Watch 2 Sport and the material, which is 6 times harder than stainless steel, is also extremely lightweight and resistant to just about any kind of damage. The entire, rubber banded and plastic cased smart watch is built to be extra lightweight, water, dust and element resistant…making it ideal for use during vigorous sporting pursuits.

Built In GPS Radio

An outstanding feature of the huawei sport smartwatch is its built in GPS that allows you to track your whereabouts during a run without any necessary phone tether. Google Fitness and the Huawei Fitness apps will buzz along nicely with this feature, as will many of the optional sporting apps you can download from PlayStore. The feature is very accurate and the device never takes too long to lock on and get busy with the help of  the double 4G, GPS, NFC, WiFi and BlueTooth sensors hidden under that ceramic bezel.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring And Handy Complications

An accurate continuous heart rate monitor will provide a heart rate graph for the past six hours with a swipe. The optical sensor will allow you to get a handle on your average resting heart rate and your reactions to various activities, allowing you to better understand your body’s strengths and limitations. Handy complications will make this information available at a glance in various formats and integrated into various sport specific applications.

Built In Speaker And Offline Tunes

It seems an obvious addition but, believe it or not, the huawei sport smart watch is actually one of the few Android Wear 2.0 watches that features a built in speaker that will not only alert you to your notifications but also provide you with a steady stream of tunes, thanks to the device’s above average standalone capacity. This smartwatch will let you listen to GooglePlay with online streaming or listen offline when you’re far from civilization.

Huawei Fitness

Built in sensors will provide you with an easily accessibly wealth of information, from your recovery time to your step count, maximum push, warm up info, distance covered, fat burned and so much more. Reminders, goal setting and virtual coaching will provide all the assistance you need to keep you motivated throughout your fitness week. And if you’re not keen on the home apps then go to PlayStore to be completely spoiled for choice.

Extended Battery Life

Here’s a feature where the huawei sport smart watch really is a leader in its field. The 420 mAh rechargeable battery will see you through 25 days in ‘watch mode’, meaning you can still use it as a watch when your go on that digital detox trip to the yoga spa for 2 weeks. In fact, you can walk through the Kalahari and come out on the other end with an accurate step count 3 weeks later because watch mode also includes a pedometer…sweet! 

Beyond that, this is one of the few smart watches that really will give you 2 full days of battery life, with a charge before the second night. A breakthrough for users who were keen to use the sleep tracking functions on other devices until they discovered that their watch was running flat by bedtime every night. Of course, you’ll have to cut that to a day and a half if you’re getting a horde of notifications and using a lot of the smarter features.

Programmable Quick Button

The equivalent of a speed dial key on your smartphone, a handy button on the side of the case can be programmed to quick launch an app of your preference but comes preset to launch the huawei fitness app, for a seamless shift into your post-office workout.

Route Tracker

A nifty inclusion on the preinstalled fitness app is the route tracker. It will show you exactly where you’ve been during your run by displaying a route line overlaid on a map.

4G, LTE And WiFi Connectivity

This is such a pleasure for long distance runners, cyclists and hikers who want to be able to enjoy notifications and even make and receive calls, independent of a smart phone, when they’re out and about. The standalone capacity on the Watch 2 Sport from Huawei will keep you well ahead of your game and, a little oddly, talking to your wrist the whole time like a very fit sci-fi character.

Oh…and powerful vibration alerts will notify you of miles covered while you’re on the jog alongside the roaring crash of the waves.


The huawei sport smart watch is above par when it comes to standalone functionality and definitely a contender for the fitness/smart watch prize. It does its job and does it well, give or take a few small shortcomings. It’s up to you to do your research when you’re on the market for a smart watch, so well done for checking in. I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed your stop here and trust that this article will help you to make an informed and happy purchase!