Apple lovers, who’ve long enjoyed the benefits of smooth and convenient device syncing, are going to find the apple iwatch 2 very, very hard to resist. The latest Apple wearable is second in line and follows the high selling but not entirely well received first edition wearable.

The user interface has also enjoyed a welcome revamp with the 2nd generation being released with WatchOS 3. WatchOS 4 is set for release later in 2017 and you’ll be able to upgrade your iWatch 2.

The first edition had its flaws, fitness functions were limited, the watch wasn’t waterproof, apps were impossible to come by and the interface didn’t make for smooth sailing. All of those sore points have been addressed with the new edition and although the watch may look the same on the surface, apple iwatch 2 is a new device entirely!

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the new Apple smartwatch.

More Band Options

Apple has partnered with various brands to produce a range of bands that’s got all lifestyles and fashion senses covered. There’s a Nike band for sports men and women looking for a breathable material. There’s a beautiful, genuine leather example from Hermes and there’s a snazzy range of textures and colors from Apple.

Next Level Water Resistance

Well, since everyone complained about the last watch not being water resistant, apple has made a point of going one better. This watch is seriously water resistant, so much so that there’s a swim tracking app. Dive into the pool and the watch will continue to track your activity.

The watch is now cleared for 50 m depth, as well as extended swimming sessions. What’s more, when you hop out, turn the crown and the watch will play a special series of sounds in order to clear any excess water out of the speaker! It is important to note, however, that water damage is not covered by the warranty.

Built In GPS

With built in GPS, you no longer have to take your phone with you when you go for an extended cycle or a hike in the mountains. The device even makes use of Glonass, the Russian Global Positioning System, in order to always ensure an accurate reading.The GPS is good news for runners who can use the improved fitness functions to track steps, whereabouts, heart rate, speed and more.

The Processor

The new dual core microprocessor on the apple iwatch 2 is a full 50% faster than the previous version and that means the graphics are twice as good too.

The Screen

The rectangular OLED touchscreen display also offers Force Touch, where extra force on a tab allows a deeper level of access. The display on the latest apple smartwatch is twice as bright as the previous, so you’ll be able to read it no matter what the light conditions are.

According to Apple, it’s the brightest display they’ve ever produced. In spite of these improvements, the display is the same 1.65 “ size with the same 390 x 312 resolution as before, which isn’t a bad thing, actually.

Battery Life

One of the biggest benefits of using OLED technology in the screen is the fact that black parts of the screen, behind your icons, are not using any power and are, in fact, off. We’re seeing a much extended battery life in the iwatch series 2 and you’ll see a hefty 1,5 days battery life at full usage.

Handwriting Recognition

One of the great features of WatchOS 3 is handwriting recognition. We all know how hard it is to type on a watch screen and we don’t always want to talk into our wrist. This feature works brilliantly and will help you get that message across when other input methods aren’t working for you.

Instant Access

Watch OS 3 works in conjunction with the new dual core microprocessor to open your apps 7 times faster, which is a phenomenal leap in the right direction.

The Dock

With a press of the watch’s side button you’ll access the app dock for quick navigation through your favorite applications. All open apps will remain in the doc and it’s entirely up to you which apps you want pinned in the doc, making access that much easier.

Customizable Faces

This feature allows you to place shortcuts and info from various apps on different watch faces in order to customize them for different times of day. Watch faces are easily changed with a swipe.

Not all of us make use of the Siri “AI” on our Macbooks, however she becomes a lot more useful when you put her on your wrist. She’ll toggle your playlist, open apps for you or conduct a search on your behalf. All you have to do is say “Hey, Siri…”

Great Speakers And Microphone

The speakers on the apple iwatch produce high quality sound that can be clearly heard even when you’re on the move on a busy street. This feature makes answering calls a whole lot easier and there’s no need for you to speak directly into your wrist as the sound picks up even at a full arms length.

Storage Space

You have 2 GB of storage space for music and 75 MB for photos, which, we’re hoping, will be enough!

Emergency Services

It’s refreshing to see the addition of an emergency feature on the new apple iwatch. You need only press and hold the side button to open an SOS option where your watch will emit a loud SOS beep and your paired iPhone will dial the emergency service number relevant to your area. You never know, this could get you out of a sticky situation!


The latest Apple smart watch is a smooth functioning, water resistant beast with sweet graphics and a range of features that really places it in a different league to the original iwatch. I’ve no doubt that it’s a serious upgrade over the last Apple wearable offering and a must-have accessory for any Apple lover.

WatchOS 3 packs in so much customizability, including access to a host of interesting and useful apps. Access to more apps is one of the key factors that is going to make this edition a great deal more fun to play with. Yet, it’s not all play: this watch can keep you ahead of your notifications, as well as help you streamline your day, your business and you fitness regime and now, it can even get you located and airlifted out of a canyon quicker than anyone else can.