Flashlights are portable hand-held electrical light. They are battery-operated so you can easily bring one wherever you go. Just pop the right batteries and you are ready for your next adventure!

A flashlight is a very popular device among people who enjoy the life outdoors. Being in the mountains or in the woods during the night is going to be complicated without any light. Therefore, having a flashlight on hand will make your trekking easier and more enjoyable.

If you are a mountain climber, an adventurer or someone who truly enjoys the outdoors, the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight is the perfect device for you. This is not your regular flashlight and here’s why:

Top Features of the Vizeri 230 Tactical Flashlight

1. Each Vizeri tactical flashlight is extremely durable.

Any outdoor activity can become rigorous. As such, it is essential to bring necessary devices that can withstand any of the nature’s punishment (i.e. bad weather). The body of this tactical flashlight is made from high grade anodized aluminum. This is the same material from which aircrafts are made.

All the components that make up the Vizeri tactical flashlight are thread into the tube and not pressured to fit like how cheap flashlights are made. They are also covered with premium type III hard anodized and anti-abrasive finish.

This flashlight can withstand forces that you will encounter during your adventure outdoors. Drop it or even run it over with a car. You will still be able to use it repeatedly afterwards.

2. This tactical flashlight is waterproof.

Unless it is a hurricane or a thunderstorm, a bad weather should not stop you from having an outdoor adventure. Sometimes, weathers also change unexpectedly. Starting your trek on a bright and sunshiny day does not mean that the good weather will continue until you finish.

With the weather being unpredictable as times, it is just smart to have a flashlight that can get wet and still function perfectly.

The springs inside every device are gold plated to avoid corrosion. This flashlight can be submerged into the water for up to a 3-foot depth. So, if you accidentally drop it into a shallow river during a trek, you do not need to worry as it will still continue working perfectly.

3. This flashlight can produce a long-lasting light.

We know how hard it is to do things in the darkness. When you are going to be outdoors during the night, a heavy-duty flashlight is necessary. With it, you will be able to do a lot of activities in the absence of the sunlight. While most flashlights are operated by AA or AAA batteries, the Vizeri tactical flashlight offers a dual power source.

Each Vizeri tactical flashlight operates on 3 AAA batteries (you can use rechargeable ones) but it also has a battery extension tube. You are allowed to use a Lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable battery with the extension tube, giving you up to 90 hours of low beam light source.

4.    Each flashlight comes with multiple settings.

You can use one of the five different modes of the Vizeri tactical flashlight.

  • High beam mode – with this mode, you can launch a steady beam of light that can reach a spot far away from its source
  • Mid beam mode – this setting provides you enough light that you can use to see your immediate surrounding
  • Low beam mode – this gives you sufficient light while inside your tent
  • Strobe mode – this mode allows you to create regular flashes of light, and can be used to draw attention to the user
  • SOS mode – since accidents may occur on treks and climbs, this mode allows you to give warning or to send signals of distress to seek help
It is very easy to change from one mode to another. You just need to press the power switch until you reach your desired mode. Each device remembers the last mode it was on before it was turned off. If you turn it back on, it will automatically be on that mode.

Additionally, each Vizeri tactical flashlight that you purchase comes with a light diffuser and a holster. The light diffuser makes it easy for you to brighten up a space while a holster makes it easier for you to carry the device around.

5. The device comes with a built-in zoom flashlight.

Zoom in and zoom out settings are not just for cameras. Having it on your flashlight becomes handy at most times. Zoom focus allows you to adjust the amount of light beam that you need on any occasion.

On some flashlights, telescoping is the way to zoom in on the beam. However, this mechanism does not always stay in place. There is no telescope on the Vizeri tactical flashlight. You can zoom in and zoom out easily by turning the top of the flashlight, and it will certainly stay in place.

6. This flashlight gives light output equivalent to 6 standard flashlights.

It is important to have a flashlight that can provide sufficient light power. The Vizeri LED tactical flashlight can provide a maximum brightness of 230 Lumens. Such brightness is more than enough light output when outdoors during the night.

Some tactical flashlight brands offer up to 1000 Lumens, but do not be tricked with these high numerical values. Flashlights with more than 500 Lumens in brightness tend to heat up when used for a long time. When hot, the device becomes dangerous to touch. At 230 Lumens, your device will never get hot and will always be easy to handle even after an hour of use on high beam mode.


Avoid replacing your flashlights over and over again because you opted to invest on cheaper ones. Invest your money on the Vizeri 230 Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight is not only perfect outdoors, it can also be used at home in case the electrical power shuts off.

This flashlight gives enough light with 230 Lumens of brightness, equivalent to the amount of light that can be produced by 6 standard flashlights. With its maximum amount of brightness, the device never gets hot. It is made from premium and highly durable materials and can withstand strong forces. It is waterproof and can be submerged up to 3 feet. Its light can be turned on overnight and can provide light to a space for a longer time.

Having said all its features and specs, we can conclude that it’s one amazing flashlight that’s worth investing on!