With a lot of dangerous things happening everywhere these days, you can never be too sure about the safety of yourself or your family. When danger could be just around the corner, it is necessary to have things to help you defend yourself.

Next to a pocket knife, a tactical flashlight should be included inside the kit that you carry around every day. A tactical flashlight is not like your ordinary flashlight. It does not only help you see better in darkness; it can also help you in times of danger. Using this device, you can send some call of distress when needed.

For a reliable and durable tactical flashlight, check out the Surefire G2X Series LED with tough Nitrolon body.

Best Features of the G2X Tactical LED Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are specially designed for military or police tactical use. These devices give out light way brighter than your ordinary flashlight. Many of these devices are designed so the users can mount them on a weapon.

A good tactical flashlight should be durable, lightweight, and easy to mount and use. Most importantly, they must serve their purpose of giving a light brighter than the ordinary flashlight that you usually have at home. If you are looking for a good tactical flashlight, then the G2X Tactical Flashlight may just be the right device for you.

It is made of durable materials.

The G2X tactical flashlight has a well-designed body and built to resist forces that may possibly break the device.

The exterior of the G2X tactical flashlight’s body and its tailcap are made entirely of Nitrolon. With this material, the parts inside the device are compact and well protected.

Nitrolon is a rigid and non-conductive material. It does not conduct heat nor electricity. It is corrosion-proof as well. This device can withstand rough weather, and many other external forces. It will take a really long time before you need to replace your device.

The head of this tactical flashlight is made of anodized aluminum improving the device’s heat dissipation. This is important as most flashlights literally get too hot to handle when turned on for a long period of time. Additionally, the device is also powder coated so it can match the color of the device’s body.

It has a maximum brightness of 320 lumens.

For a tactical flashlight to be used on police or military operations, it should be able to emit a light brighter than the ordinary flashlight. For a civilian, a tactical flashlight can serve as a tool for self-defense. In this situation, a tactical flashlight should be bright enough to disorient an attacker.
Flashlights with less than 120 lumens of brightness will not get the job done. With 320 lumens of brightness, the G2X tactical flashlight can help you and your family protect yourselves from possible harm.

It is small and lightweight.

It is important to have a tactical flashlight that is small and light so you can carry them around whenever, wherever. Carrying something big and heavy will just discourage you from bringing them with you. Therefore, it is important to get a tactical flashlight that can easily fit a small bag, or even your pocket.

From its tailcap to its head, the G2X tactical flashlight has a measurement of 6.8 inches. Its head has a diameter of 1.37 inches. This tactical flashlight is small compared to most tactical flashlights in the market. It is very lightweight too. Each device weighs only 4.4 ounces, including the weight off the batteries. With its size and weight, you will be able to have this on hand wherever you go.

It has high quality design.

As stated earlier, the G2X tactical flashlight has a well-designed body. It is not only made of extremely durable materials, its overall design helps in its performance as well.

The sculpted outer body feature of the device improves its grip power so you can avoid dropping the device when in use. Furthermore, each body has a nominal 1-inch diameter, making it compatible with most mounts and tactical flashlights accessories.

The rim located near the flashlights’ head to protect its lens (the bezel), has large flat areas. These areas prevent your device from rolling on flat surfaces. Feel free to put it on the floor as you fix something because your device will not go anywhere.

It is extremely easy to use.

The G2X Tactical flashlight is a device that you can use on a weapon or off a weapon. With its ideal size, you can easily mount the device on any of your weapons.

The tactical flashlight version of the G2X only has momentary on and off. Just click and hold onto the tailcap so the device can emit light. Let go of the hold if you do not need any light anymore. This feature makes it easy to operate the device during very stressful situations.

To get a constant on light, you just need to twist the back part of the device. With this, the light will stay on until you twist it back.

It has a 10-year shelf life.

Tactical flashlights are usually more expensive than your ordinary flashlights. Therefore, it is important to get one that is going to be worth your money.

Each G2X tactical flashlight is operated with (2) 123A batteries and has a total runtime of two hours. Additionally, since it uses LED lights, its power life is longer than ordinary flashlights with filament lighting.

Each Surefire G2X tactical flashlight has an O-ring near where the batteries are loaded. This is to make sure that the inner parts like the batteries are well protected from harsh forces such as rain.


Surefire has been introducing flashlights with bodies made of polymer since they introduced the G2 series. What’s not to love? It makes the flashlight lighter, stronger, and easier to use. The company’s G2X tactical flashlight only proves that this kind of flashlight does not need to be as expensive as most of the tactical flashlights in the market.