The Helotex G2 Tri-mode Cree XR-E LED Tactical Flashlight has been recognized as one of the best tactical flashlights of the year. Thoroughly reliable by consistently providing excellent quality illumination, this flashlight is so handy and lightweight that you can store it practically anywhere without any problem at all. With awesome user-friendly features, it certainly does not come as a surprise that this tactical illuminator is one of the hottest items out in the market today.

Features of the Helotex Flashlight


The tri-mode lighting feature is one of the coolest things about this tactical flashlight.  You can go from low, high, and strobe at a flick of a switch. Luminosity can reach as high as 130 lumen, which is really bright given the size and weight of this thing.

Toggle through the different lightning modes with ease as you go from close up to a wider sweep of the outdoors. Lighting is one of the reasons why it is consistently a top pick for flashlights that would go ideally with a tactical weapon.

Energy accessibility

This can run on three different kinds of batteries. It can be powered by CR123 batteries, AA batteries, and a special CREE XR-E Q4 LED energy supply that can spur life for over 50, 000 hours. You cannot get that kind of accessibility elsewhere.

Quality of materials and design

This particular Helotex model is made of tough materials that can withstand varying conditions. Its impact-resistant aircraft aluminum exterior makes it the best choice to go with tactical weapons. It also comes with o-ring seals, which is known to prevent leaks. This gives it a degree of advantage when exposed to precipitation or from an accidental drop in water. With a tough exterior and a quality interior, this flashlight is undoubtedly an excellent find for tactical weapons aficionados.  

Highly ideal specifications

Dimensions - It would depend on the batteries used. For AA batteries, it is 4.2 in.  For CR123 batteries, it is 3.6 in.
Output - There is a slight luminosity difference between batteries used. For AA batteries, it can have an output of up to 120 lumen while CR123 can juice up to about 130 lumen.
Batteries and Battery Life - Again, it would depend on the batteries used. The flashlight can go on for an hour for AA batteries. For CR123 batteries, it can go on for two hours.
LED - CREE XR-E Q4 LED with guaranteed 50, 000+ lighting hours
Mode - As mentioned, you can toggle the switch among high, low, and strobe.
Material - It is made of anodized 6063-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.
Other details - It comes with a bezel, which is an added exterior protection. It gives structural integrity to the flashlight and protects it from accidental bumps and drops.  Without it, its surface would be a lot more vulnerable to scratching or worse, to cracking. It also has a pocket clip to keep it securely in place while you move from one place to another.

What People Say About the Tactical Flashlight

There are numerous customer reviews about this particular flashlight. Consensus would show that it is definitely one of the best tactical weapon companions out in the market at present time. Below are some details that make it stand out.


Customers rave about its quality of light that beams out without observable defects. It certainly scores high in well-balanced illumination making it a sure crowd favorite.


This is another thing that is common among the hundreds of reviews regarding this Helotex model. Customers like how lightweight and how handy it is. You do not have to have a special case to lug it around. Thanks to its pocket clip, it is easy to securely insert it in pockets, jackets, or even hard hats.


Customers also point out that because of the quality of its materials and workmanship, it is guaranteed to last longer than an average tactical flashlight. Some reviews back this idea up as it has lasted them for years without failing. For as long as you store it properly and use it with care, this Helotex charmer can withstand the test of both elements and time.


Yet another indicator of customer satisfaction is the fact that it is very reliable.  It provides the best quality of light when you need it the most and it will not conk out on you either.  You can trust that you will get the best illumination as soon as you toggle the switch to on.

No frills

People like how user-friendly it is. It is basically a no-nonsense flashlight that accords any person upfront, hassle-free use.

Good value

It comes with a reasonable price tag which is always a good thing for customers. This only goes to show that you do not have to break the bank for excellent quality.  

The above glowing reviews catapulted this tactical weapon illuminator as one of the top choices for this year.  

Gun Shack, LLC. Offers Quality Tactical Flashlights through Helotex

Helotex is one of the brands marketed by Gun Shack, LLC.  Gun Shack has been around for almost six years and is based out of Helotes, Texas (hence Helotex). This family-owned gun shop is known for its high quality products sold at a price you just cannot refuse. Offering good value for a great product, going for any Gun Shack brand is truly a wise choice.

As such, you are truly at an advantage when you opt for a Helotex G2. With its awesome features and outstanding customer rating, you can be assured that you can go a long way with this tactical flashlight. As its developer, Gun Shack, would say: “Give one a try, you won’t be disappointed.”