If you are one of those people who consider instant coffee weak and you’d rather have a cup of “real” coffee, then you need to get a French press coffee maker. This handy kitchen appliance has been around for decades now, but its design hasn’t changed a lot, it only improved. A French press is arguably the best choice for passionate coffee lovers who want to make the most out of every coffee bean. In this article, we bring you one of the best French Press coffee makers – Secura Stainless Steel Coffee Maker.


Secura French Press Coffee Maker is made of high-quality materials, and as such allows coffee beans to reach their full potential, giving you a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Thanks to its design, the Secura Coffee Maker keeps coffee hot for longer, is easy to use and clean. Besides that, this unit is reasonably priced. Those who are looking for an easy way to make the coffee as weak or strong as they love, this unit is all you need. With it, making the perfect coffee will turn into a real state of the art, so you will enjoy every second of brewing your coffee.

Full bodied flavor

The coffee that a French Press makes is much more flavorful than the one made with other coffee machines. This is because coffee beans are in the direct touch with the water, and there aren’t filters that will trap the quality of your coffee, only those that will enhance it.

So, with the Secura coffee maker, you get more flavor and essential oils from coffee beans. That being said, coffee that this French press makes is stronger and also richer in texture. However, don’t think that you cannot choose the strength of coffee with the Secura French Press; of course, you can. You can make your coffee as strong or weak as you want. You just have to buy the coffee that will best suit your desires.  
This coffee maker has a 3-layered stainless steel filter construction that will trap even the tiniest coffee grounds, producing an exceptional flavor and texture.

You also get an extra stainless steel filter which you can use to get a more sophisticated taste of your espresso.

Stainless steel Design

The most durable French Press coffee makers are made from stainless steel, including the Secura Coffee Maker.  Clearly, the stainless steel design of this French Press promises durability and sturdiness.

But, what makes this unit different from its competitors is that both the interior and exterior are stainless steel, forming a double wall construction. Because of that, the unit will retain heat longer than its single-wall counterparts. But, keep in mind that the longer your coffee stays in the pot, the less tasty it will be. Coffee made in a French Press should be drink while still fresh so that you can taste that unique full-bodied flavor.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about whether this unit is safe. Since the coffee maker is completely made of stainless steel, and its interior features a matte finish, there aren’t any toxic materials your coffee can come in contact with.

One more thing we’d like to mention about the Secura French Press is the look. Stainless steel gives this coffee maker an elegant and powerful touch, and it really looks gorgeous. Without a doubt, the unit will make a great addition to the countertop and your kitchen.

1000 ml capacity

With 34 ounce/1000 ml capacity, this coffee maker is ideal for the whole family or a few people. You can brew the coffee for everyone in one go, which will definitely save your time and electricity.
However, there is one thing that you will not appreciate about this unit. Namely, you won’t be able to see how much water/coffee is left in the unit, due to the stainless steel design.


The reason why people love a French press so much is that of versatility. Namely, this unit can be used for making both coffee and tea. Like with the coffee, this unit also gives flavorful tea. So, if you are a fan of fresh tea, this unit is just the thing you need.

Easy to use

Even if you have never used a French Press before, don’t worry. Using the Secura coffee maker is a breeze, and you will not have any difficulty with that. Furthermore, the unit comes with a cool touch handle and knob. Thanks to this, you can pour your favorite beverage without spilling and, more importantly, without burning your hand.

Easy Cleaning

When it comes to hand washing, it is best to pour in the water and add a drop of soap and let the unit soak. Otherwise, you will have to be very careful when cleaning the unit, due to its parts. Plus, cleaning the unit that way will be time-consuming. So, listen to our advice, and cleaning the Secura coffee maker will be simple and fast.
But, if you want to spare yourself that hassle, just throw the parts in the dishwasher, because all of them are dishwasher safe.


  • High-quality design
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Makes full bodied coffee
  • Perfect for passionate coffee lovers who don’t like instant coffee
  •  Looks stylish
  • Versatile
  • Comes with an extra stainless steel screen
  • You will not know how much coffee is left

The Final Word

And there you have it – an in-depth review of the best French Press on the market. With the Secura French Press Coffee Maker, you will have the opportunity to taste an exceptional coffee and wake up your senses.