Not all of us want to make different types of coffee-based beverages. However, those who do, know that the quality of their beverages lies in the quality of their coffee maker. Because of that, it is important that you choose a good coffee maker, even if that means spending more money than you want to. Trust us, once you make coffee with this kind of a coffee maker, you will forget about the higher price. And here we have exactly that kind of the coffee maker– pricey and of a good quality. Meet the Ninja Coffee Bar – a single serve and carafe coffee system that delivers excellent coffee every single time. In this article, we bring you an in-depth review on one of the best coffee makers when it comes to versatility. Shall we start?


The Ninja Coffee Bar is a good choice for coffee lovers who aren’t afraid of experimenting and trying all kinds of coffee-based beverages. The unit comes with a built-in frother, so you will enjoy great coffee similar to the one you get in the coffee house. Only with this unit, you can drink your favorite type of coffee anytime you want. With a well-built design, an Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology, and many options of brewing your coffee (including a single serve and carafe), this unit is a pleasure to use.


Model: CF091
Type of Carafe:  Glass (with warming plate)
Material: Plastic
Weight: 12.7 pounds
Dimensions: 11.34 x 15x 16.34 inches
Color: Black/Stainless steel
Permanent filter: Yes
Serving size: Cup, Travel, XL cup, XL multi-serve, half carafe and full carafe
Brew Types: Classic, Over-ice, Rich, Café Forte

What’s included?

  • Measuring scoop
  • Built-in frother  
  • 10 cup glass carafe
  • Permanent Reusable Filter
  • Recipe book
  • Ninja XL Hot and Cold Multi-Serve Tumbler

Exceptional coffee
The reason why this unit is so popular is that of the taste. Whichever option you choose, your coffee drink will taste extraordinary. If you want to drink a full bodied cup of coffee, you can do that. In case you want something more sophisticated, like Au Lait Coffee Flavor, you can also have it. If you want a balanced flavor, there is a Classic brew. If you are a fan of strong coffee, there is a Rich brew.

Lots of options

What you will surely appreciate about this coffee maker is its versatility. First, this unit allows you to make both single-serve coffee and pot coffee. With six brew sizes, you can make a morning coffee just for yourself, or make enough coffee for your friends and family. You just have to pick what you want.

Then, you can customize coffee drinks to yourself. With Classic, Rich and Over ice brew options, you can easily make the beverage you want.

Finally, there is a built-in hot and cold frother, to make your coffee-based beverage even more flavorful.  To any coffee-based beverages lover, this unit is like a dream come true.

In case you aren’t very skilled in making different coffee types, don’t worry. The recipe book is included, so you will unlock your creativity and enjoy experimenting with different flavors.


When we compare the Ninja Coffee Bar to luxury coffee makers (the Ratio Eight and the Technivorm Moccamaaster KBT 741), we see that this unit looks far from elegant. However, those coffee makers are also much more expensive. While the mentioned coffee makers are built from metal and glass, this unit is made from thick plastic and features faux-chrome highlights. Still, it can be said that this unit has its charm, owing to the unique design. Therefore, it will add a nice touch to your kitchen.

The unit comes with a permanent reusable filter, which is a nice bonus since you won’t have to buy that separately.

Ease of use

Since this unit is automatic, making your favorite coffee is simple and fast. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Plus, you get a recipe book, so you will know how to make a certain type of a coffee drink.

Also, the unit comes with a removable water reservoir, allowing you to clean it thoroughly as well as to pour the water with ease.

There is also a glass carafe for pouring the coffee without spilling. So, forget about any mess around the coffee maker.

As for the downside, this unit has to run through a cleaning cycle every once in a while. That means that you have to be at home to overlook the cleaning cycle. Sometimes the cycle may stop, so you will have to start it again.


Compared to similar models on the market, this one is quite pricey. Even though it makes great coffee, there are coffee makers that offer more for a lower price. Also, this unit is made of plastic, thus it is not as durable as those made of stainless steel or other stronger materials. Obviously, this means that this unit is more likely to break or damage than its metal competitors.

  • You can customize your favorite coffee beverages
  • Large capacity
  • Comes with a built-in frother
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a recipe book, and a few more items

  • You have to clean the unit frequently
  • Doesn’t look as stylish as its competitors
  • Expensive

The Final Thought
Well, that would be all we have to say about the Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee System. As you have probably concluded by now, this unit is a great coffee maker thanks to all its great features. If you are looking for versatile and good quality coffee machine that will turn making coffee-based beverages into fun, then look no further.