For those of us who enjoy every sip of coffee, this beverage is not just an ordinary one. No boy. The coffee can either make or break our day. This depends on the quality of coffee beans we buy as well as on the way we brew it. So, if you’re tired of being afraid every morning whether your coffee will be perfectly made, we have a solution for you. You, our friend, need to buy a coffee maker. Of course, we aren’t talking about just any kind of this machine. We are talking about one of the bests, called Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-way Coffee Maker. So, if you are ready to treat yourself with perfect mornings and peace of mind, keep reading.


Whether you choose a single-serve option, a carafe option, this coffee maker will impress you. It will deliver perfect coffee over and over again. You can even choose the strength, and enjoy coffee that is tailored to your desires. Both the taste and the texture of coffee are remarkable.

If you want to enjoy coffee, even more, you can grind coffee beans. That way, you will always have fresh coffee, which makes a big difference in taste compared to coffee you buy at the store.
The unit comes with a permanent mesh filter for the single-serve side, which is great, as you won’t have to buy it. However, the filter for a carafe side isn’t included, which kind of sucks. It means that you have to buy it on your own, and spend more money (like spending all that money on a coffee maker isn’t already enough).


Now, let us talk about the design of Hamilton Beach 2-way Coffee Maker. Made of stainless steel, this coffee maker is sturdy and will not break. In fact, it will last you for years, if you take care of it. Besides being durable, this unit also looks classy. Its finish is beautiful, and black color adds an elegant touch to the unit. Thanks to that, this coffee maker will look great on any countertop.

However, the selling point of this coffee maker is its 2-way design. Namely, this unit can be used for brewing the coffee the whole family or for only one person. On the left side, there is a single-serve way to brew your coffee, while on the right side you will find a 12-cup carafe. With a nonstick warming plate on carafe side, your coffee will be warm for hours, so you can have it ready for your guests. The icing on the cake is that the unit promptly brews the coffee.

The thing you probably won’t like too much is the size of this coffee maker. With the weight of 1.92 ounces and dimensions of 11.44x13.69x15.44 inches, this unit is rather bulky and will occupy the better part of the countertop. However, the cord is of a good length (some coffee makers come with a short cord), which is a bonus.

Ease of use

Who loves spending a half an hour on trying to figure out how to use a coffee maker? That’s right – no one. Well, no worries about that with this coffee maker. Hamilton makes easy work of brewing your favorite coffee, thanks to many features, the control panel, and screen. Moreover, there is a large carafe (with measurement markings) and an easy-to-fill water tank.

The controls are nicely organized and responsive. You get a programmable timer that comes with a 2-hour auto shut off feature. In addition to that, there is an automatic pause and serve option so that you can pour a cup of coffee while it is still brewing.

As for the coffee taste, you can choose between regular and bold one. As for the coffee mug, you can use a travel mug or you can use your favorite coffee mug. In that case, you just need to adjust the multilevel cup rest to fit your coffee mug.

What also adds to the ease of use, are the instructions. They are clear and concise, so you will quickly learn how to use this coffee maker.


This unit is easy to clean, thanks to the large carafe and its clever design. Sure, there are more parts to clean than with other coffee makers, but the thing is that you will clean them easily.


When you see the price of this coffee maker, you might think that it is expensive. Of course, we understand that. Setting money aside for a coffee maker is not so easy when you have a bunch of other things you also need to buy. However, this coffee maker is actually reasonably priced. How is that so – you ask. Well, because it is basically two coffee machines in one – for a single-serve and a carafe. Now that you think that way, you can see why so many people opt for this coffee maker over other ones. Plus, this unit is extremely well-built, looks stylish and makes damn good coffee. Without a doubt, it is worth every penny. So, if you are afraid that you might regret buying this unit, don’t be.  


  • Comes with a single-serve and carafe options
  • The cup rest can be adjusted to different types of mugs
  • You get a permanent mesh coffee filter for single-serve coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Brews coffee quickly
  • Nice looking design
  • Reasonably priced
  • You don’t get a permanent mesh coffee filter for the carafe
  • Bulky

The Final Word

Well, that would be all from us. We are pretty sure that by now you decided to buy this unit, due to all that it has to offer. Once again, this coffee maker is a great value for the price, since it is two-way. You will enjoy perfectly brewed coffee day after day because this coffee maker is just that good. Whether you live alone or with a family, this unit will not let you down.  So, don’t take a chance with any other coffee maker, since this one can be all you need.