Drinking coffee is a ritual – every true coffee lover knows that. But, these days coffee seems to be in the shadow of all other coffee-based drinks. The world has gone mad about these drinks. Ice coffee, espresso, latte, mocha, cappuccino, etc. - these drinks are getting more popular from day to day.

But, it all has started with coffee – let us not forget that. True coffee lovers are okay with all these kinds of coffee-based beverages, but their real love will always be regular, strong, and full bodied coffee.
If you are that kind of a coffee lover, we assume that you care about the quality of the coffee you make. That’s why you need to buy a good coffee maker. Here we have just the thing you need – the BUNN Velocity coffee maker. This unit is on a higher end, due to all it offers, including the coffee quality. However, it is well worth it. Let’s take a closer look at its features so that you can see why this unit is arguably the best coffee maker when it comes to simplicity.

Superior coffee flavor

As for the taste of coffee, this unit brews top notch coffee, every time. This is due to a large flat bottom filter, a funnel, and a spray-head design. While the flat bottom filter and funnel work together to increase interaction between coffee grounds and hot water, the spray head ensures the water is evenly spread over the coffee grounds. The result is superior flavor extraction.

Simple to use

With all those coffee-based beverages, also come coffee makers that have many functions, settings, and controls. And while they produce a variety of tasty drinks, they are also overwhelming to use. Even classic coffee makers that are designed only to produce regular coffee can come with lots of functions and features. The selling point of the BUNN Velocity is its simplicity.

This coffee maker is not automated and doesn’t come with lots of settings. Brewing your coffee is simple and fast. The coffee maker will brew your coffee quickly, in three minutes. And that’s it. See? There aren’t all those complicated functions and features that you don’t even understand how to use. Clearly, this coffee maker can be used by everyone who wants to enjoy the true coffee flavor.

The reason why this coffee maker brews coffee so fast is a hot water tank and the vacation switch. The water tank is always hot, so after the initial setup, you just need to add coffee to the basket, add fresh water, close the lid, and let the process of making the perfect coffee begins.

The vacation switch is great for turning off the heat when you are going somewhere. This reminds us – this unit doesn’t come with an auto off feature.

Stainless steel

It seems that everything about this unit is designed with simplicity in mind. The same goes for its construction. The parts are well-organized, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel, allowing you to brew coffee with ease. Thanks to the high-quality construction, this unit is durable and will resist to the perils of time. However, if you aren’t sure that’s the truth, you’ll be happy with a 3-year warranty that will give you the peace of mind.
Speaking of stainless steel, this unit looks gorgeous and classy. Compared to plastic coffee makers that look flimsy, this one looks sophisticated and simple. It will certainly change the look of your kitchen, bringing an expensive touch to it.

Large Capacity

The water tank is ideal for brewing up to ten cups of coffee, so you can serve your friends and family in just one go. How convenient is that?  However, you can also brew only four cups of coffee, just for yourself.

The cleanest pour

The carafe is drip-free, and as such delivers the cleanest pour. A proprietary lid and spout ensure the coffee is perfectly poured in the cup, without leaving any mess. Thanks to that, you won’t have to clean the countertop every time you make your coffee.


Coming from BUNN, and made from stainless steel, you cannot expect this unit to be cheap. Since it is not versatile, but rather just the unit for brewing coffee, this unit is expensive. However, it does offer much – as it looks classy, doesn’t leave a mess and brews top notch coffee. So, it isn’t like there are reasons to complain about the higher price of this coffee maker. If you don’t want to enjoy superior coffee every single day, well, buy a cheaper coffee maker. But, if you are ready to invest in a remarkable coffee maker, you won’t for a second regret buying this unit.


  • Brews coffee really fast
  • Simple to use
  • Drop free carafe
  • No mess
  • Delicious coffee thanks to a multi-stream spray head
  • Large capacity (4 to 10 cups)
  • Looks stylish
  • Durable
  • Well-built
  • 3-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t feature an auto shut off
  • Not versatile; only brews regular coffee
The Final Word

With all things we said about the BUNN Velocity, it is clear to see why this unit is worth every penny. Brewing coffee in a cheap coffee maker may save you some money, but you won’t have the chance to enjoy the delicious coffee. This coffee maker may be expensive for a coffee maker, but it brews top notch coffee every time. On top of that, the unit lasts for years, comes with a 3-year warranty, looks classy, and leaves no mess around the coffee maker. What more could you ask for? The BUNN Velocity is a good choice for coffee lovers who aren’t afraid of paying a bit more a for a high-quality product.