Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is the hottest budget-friendly coffee machines on the market. The features it offers are really amazing in terms of the low price tag. It also looks absolutely fantastic. But can it last for a long time? In this review, you will find all the details.    


The coffee maker is incredibly stylish. The glossy black finish has made it very attractive. It can catch your eyes at the very first sight. Unlike the previous models, the device is designed really well. For instance, when you close the cover, the water spout that provides hot water to the coffee ground is positioned over the drink automatically.  That means, the water spout is always placed at the right location.

There are also more cool design features. If you often forget to switch off your coffee maker, you will never have to worry. The device comes with an automatic shutdown feature, which is activated after 2 hours. Another great feature is a special timer, which allows you to see the time the pot has been sitting since the brewing is done.

The coffee maker is very easy to clean. Its self-cleaning cycle is very simple. It is highly effective for removing the mineral deposits that can damage the machine. There is a red light, which is turned on to indicate the time to clean the device.

We have found some issues with the design. There is nothing to hold the filter basket firmly in its position. As a result, it seems to float when you remove and replace the carafe. The issue occurs even though the lid is closed. Moreover, when you flip the lid up, all the condensation goes back into the reservoir. It will force you to clean the device frequently. These two issues have prevented the machine from being a 5 star coffee maker.

Features and Usability

The coffee maker comes with amazing programmable features. The Delay Brew Timer enables you to set the brewing function up to 24 hours in advance. You might not need that much time. But we are really amazed by the specific option. It will be very useful for those people who want to see their coffee being already prepared before waking up from deep sleep in the morning. There is also a “Pause n Serve” feature, which enables you to increase the time by thirty seconds to pour a coffee cup while the device is still brewing.    

The machine is very easy to use. You just need to switch on the coffee maker, set the clock, add water and coffee, and finally initiate the brewing option. The device will deliver you a hot, flavorful coffee. It’s as simple as that. You can also select the brewing strength according to your needs using the simple programmable controls. If you think that the programmable coffeemakers are hard to operate, you are definitely wrong.   


Most of the users are very positive with the durability. The coffee maker is found to last more than a year without any issue. Some of the units even last for more than 3 years. However, a few users have said that the coffee leaks from basket onto the warming plate while the “pause and serve” feature was being activated. They might have received defective units. But generally speaking, the coffee maker is very durable. And it’s quite impossible to find such a long lasting device under $40. In addition, you can find the replacement parts easily on the market. So, if any component is accidentally damaged, you will never have to worry about the availability of new parts.   

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review: Performance
The manufacturer has given their best effort to produce the best coffee maker at an affordable price. The effort has been reflected in the awesome performance. The device produces coffee with an outstanding quality. You will never smell anything bad in it. Thanks to the inclusion of water filter, which removes 97% of the chlorine from the tap water. As a result, the prepared coffee smells and tastes delicious.

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is able to keep your coffee hot and fresh-tasting for a long time. You just need to buy the thermal carafe separately from the same manufacturer and substitute it for the glass carafe. It will be very effective if you want your coffee to retain the warmth and taste for several hours. Due to the impeccable coffee making performance, the device had been picked as the best coffee maker by Consumer Reports.

However, there is an issue which eventually dropped the machine from the Consumer Reports’ best picks. In the brewing test, it fails to maintain the industry standard temperature (195° - 205° F) for five to six minutes.    

The coffee maker also provides you with the flexibility. You can use either the paper filter or a permanent wire metal filter inside the basket for coffee grounds. You can also use different options to tell the machine to whether to deliver regular or strong coffee while brewing. When you combine this flexibility with the ability to deliver high-quality coffees, it easily becomes one of the best performing devices in its class.    

Should you buy this Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker?

If you have a tight budget and want to buy a great performing coffee maker at an affordable price, the $34.99 device is an outstanding choice for you. In terms of the combination of cheap price tag and awesome performance, it is simply unbeatable. The design looks amazing. In addition, it can last a long time. However, as stated earlier, it is no longer the top rated coffee maker on the market. But that doesn’t prevent it from being an awesome machine.