The MBR-1101 Magic Bullet Blender is one of the smallest chopping machines that we have ever seen. But that doesn’t prevent it from being a high-performing device. With the ability to chop possibly anything within 10 seconds, it has been able to draw a massive attention worldwide. But can it deliver the smoothness that you are looking for? In this review, you will find all the details about the device.


Magic Bullet MBR-1101 is a nice looking blender. As the name suggests, it looks quite similar to a bullet. It can draw your attention at the very first sight. In addition, the blender, along with its cups, is quite small and compact. So, you will not have to worry about keeping them in a kitchen that has a limited space. They will fit in there nicely.

The MBR-1101 has been packed with a 250W electrical power base. It also features 2 standard cups with comfort lip rings and 3 resealable lids. Moreover, the blender comes with a tall cup, which is very effective for making healthy smoothies. The stainless steel cross blades are sharp and chop everything smoothly. However, they are really small in terms of width. As a result, you cannot blend onions and tomatoes perfectly. However, the blades are very good for smoothies, as they spin in the middle of the fruits really first. The jars look nice. Having a good capacity, they can be used as storage containers. Having a compact shape, the blender can be cleaned very easily and quickly. Just wash the cup, rinse the blade and you are done.

Similar to the cost effective blenders, the MBR-1101 comes with plastic components. And as usual, they have caused several issues. A number of users have found that the plastic around the blades are being torn apart. The materials often end up in the prepared drink! However, it’s a very common issue for the cheap household products.  


The MBR-1101 is super easy to use. It doesn’t have any complicated button. You just need to place and press the cup towards the electrical power base and you are done with blending. If you are not a big fan of modern devices with complicated settings and buttons, you will love to use the blender.


It’s hard to find high durability in cheap products. The Magic Bullet blender is no different. As stated earlier, the plastic parts can be torn apart easily. The rubber inside the blending cap can also come out. If they get wrapped around the blade, there is a high chance for getting the thing completely damaged. You get only one set of blades with the blender. There is no extra set. So, you will have to check the device regularly for potential issues to avoid hassles.   


The performance of the MBR-1101 is simply amazing. From preparing delicious salads to making super healthy smoothies, it excels in all the areas that you expect from a budget-friendly blender. You can even make delicious party dips, like salsa and bean dip. The blades cut and blend everything at an incredible pace. It can grind the chunkiest of foods within just 10 seconds very smoothly.  So, the blender can save you a lot of time. The device also shows a terrific performance in blending frozen fruits and ice.

The 250W motor doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the ones with other cheap blenders. You might get a blender with a more powerful motor by spending an additional $20 or $30. However, considering it as a power unit of a $39.86 device, it’s hard not to be impressed by its performance. The motor is strong enough to bring the best out of the blender and deliver the maximum output. It makes the blade spin really fast. It has happened due to the small size of the device. However, there is an issue. Some of the users have become very frustrated when they find that the motor is burnt up after being used for 6 months.    

Should you buy this Magic Bullet blender?

The MBR-1101 is a wonderful blender. It is convenient, stylish and versatile. It can chop, blend, whip and grind at an incredibly fast pace. It’s quite impossible to find a faster blender under $40. But more importantly, the blender will never leave any chunky pieces. It promises an incredible smoothness. In addition, it is the easiest blender to use.

There is no doubt that it is the best performing blender at its price. However, the consumers have doubts about its durability. The blades can be damaged due to the vulnerable plastic materials. There are also several evidences about the burnt out motors. However, these issues are quite common in cheap devices. When you think about the combination of sleek design, outstanding performance and the budget friendly price tag, the MBR-1101 becomes unbeatable.