Cuisinart has been producing outstanding food processors for a long time. By delivering high-quality performance, its products have been able to win the hearts of the millions. And with the CPB-300, the company has managed to create a sensation among the consumers. The blender is very fast and cuts the ice like butter. But is it a flawless device? In this Cuisinart blender review, you will find all the details.    


The Cuisinart CPB-300 looks really great. It is relatively much thinner than the other blenders. As a result, it has received a unique look, which has been admired by all the users. The blender comes with three different types of cups. They are: a 32-ounce blender cup, an 8-ounce chopper cup and four 16-ounce “To-Go” cups. The 32-ounce cup is very sturdy and can be used for all types of blending. The 8-ounce cup is very effective for chopping, grinding and whipping. The four “To-Go” cups has been specifically made for making delicious drinks. Everyone likes to use them. However, we have found several issues with the cups. The lid is not fully sealed. It has an open mouth piece. So, the drinks can be spilled off very easily. Moreover, the cups do not stack together. It has frustrated a lot of users, as they have to find an extra space in the kitchen to store them. We have also noticed an issue with the jar. It cannot be grabbed comfortably, as it is too wide. However, it is sturdy and very hard to break.

The Cuisinart blender has two high-quality blade assemblies: blending blade and chopping blade. They look really impressive. However, due to the short size, they cannot cut the foods as good as the other blenders on the market. But on the bright side, the blades are removable. So, you can disassemble and clean them very easily. You cannot do the same thing with most of the other blenders.


Cheap blenders often tend to struggle with durability. The CPB-300 blender is no different. The plastic component that attaches the blender cups with the motor can be damaged very easily. In fact, they can be dislodged and obliterated during the blend. But fortunately, you can find the spare parts of the blender pretty easily on Amazon. Nonetheless, Cuisinart should have built the components with metal, as the plastic ones are too weak to deal with the massive force of the powerful motor. The consumers always expect high-quality, durable products from Cuisinart.


The CPB-300 is very easy to use. It has touchpad controls that support three different modes, including high, low and pulse. The pulse button is very effective, as it modifies the functionalities of both the high and low modes with just a single push. While making smoothies, you should use if for a couple of times before running the blender for 5 seconds. It will make your smoothie incredibly smooth. You should also use it while crushing the ice. The touchpad controls come with blue LED lights, which indicates the speed of the blender.   


In terms of performance, the CPB-300 has been able to impress everyone. In fact, it is one of the best performing blenders in its class. Despite having a small 350 watt motor, this blender manages to perform brilliantly in a variety of tasks, including grinding coffee, making soups and chopping vegetables. It can even whip cream and chop nuts, something you cannot do with all the cheap blenders.

One of the things that we admire about this blender is the ability to make delicious smoothies very quickly. It’s quite impossible to find a faster smoothie system in the market. However, you should not make several smoothies one after another, as the machine might run hot. So, after making a couple of drinks, you should give it a rest to cool down. The device blends everything completely. Unlike the other devices, including Black and Decker FusionBlade digital blender, you will never notice chunky pieces in the smoothies.   

Another great thing about the CPB-300 is its outstanding ice crushing ability. It breaks the ice exceptionally well. Most of the users say that the blender cuts ice like butter! It doesn’t leave small chunks like the Magic Bullet. Its performance in crushing the frozen fruits is equally impressive. As a result, the blender has achieved a great rating in the crushing test of Consumer Reports.   

Should you buy this Cuisinart blender?

The CPB-300 is one of the best budget-friendly blenders that we have ever seen. It does a great job in producing healthy smoothies without any chunky piece. It also performs really well in making delicious soups and nut butters. The exceptional ice crushing ability has taken the popularity to a new level. In addition, the cheap price tag of $45.45 and Cuisinart’s outstanding customer support make the CPB-300 a great bargain for the cost conscious consumers. However, the issues with design and low durability have prevented it from being a flawless device. Nonetheless, it’s definitely the best blender that you can find under $50.