Let’s admit it, hardened foods and ingredients with thick consistency can sometimes be blended imperfectly. Without the help of the right type of blender, there will be no chance for you to achieve that consistency you want for your smoothie. But, worry no more for there are blenders that perfectly suit your needs. Braun blender takes blending to a new level of creativity, ease, and comfort.  Braun’s PureMix Blender, model JB7130BK has an innovative SmoothCrush system, pitcher contours, PowerAssist technology and unique blade design, which puts you in control for consistent results. It has 7 unique preset blend functions which lets allows you to stir, chop, mix, liquefy, puree and crush ice for consistent result in your every recipe.

There are tons of reasons why you should use a braun blender. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose this blender the next time you go shopping for a blender.

SmoothCrush Blade System

This blender’s exclusive combination of specially designed jug creates optimum blending results. Add to its superb function is its higher positioning of the blade system which ensures the perfect flow of whatever foods and ingredients you want to blend.

PowerAssist Technology

This type of blender has auto sense contents which delivers the smoothest results possible. It also maintains its optimal speed to power through all ingredients

5 Speed Modes and Auto Pulse

With its intuitive design, blending has never been the same with braun blender’s 5-speed modes and auto pulse. Its pulse function works in all speed which constitutes for staggered blending and even finer results. You have the power to choose your ideal speed for a much better performance control. Now, all it takes is to kick up your creativity in your kitchen in just one push of a button. This product is perfect to those who are looking for a blender who does it all. With a single push of a button, you can now chop, mix, puree, stir and more. You will be able to do almost anything you want from smoothies to salsa and soups.

Easy Wipe Clean Panel

You can now cleanse with ease with braun blender’s illuminated control panel. It's flat control panel lets you wipe away all the drips and residues in an instant. Aside from this, its entire blade assembly is easily removable. It's dishwasher is also safe for ultimate cleanability.

Fits in beautifully

This product features a contemporary design with a 2-tone finish of stainless steel. Designed with a smaller footprint, it fits in beautifully anywhere you want to display it in your kitchen. Its black design also adds elegance and is a perfect accent for modern kitchens.

Tips to remember when buying a blender

  • Check out these tips and tricks to do when purchasing a blender
  • When buying a blender, ensure that the jar as well as the lid are both firmly attached and locked right before powering up. Also, make sure that you leave enough room for expansion and that you add enough water to it.
  • Cut vegetables and fruits into small manageable pieces.
  • Make sure to always clean the blender thoroughly after using in order to avoid build-up of food bacteria.
  • Do not immerse the blender’s motor in water.
  • Read the instruction first before using the blender. Follow the instruction carefully and thoroughly. There are websites as well as videos which are available online with included instructions and recipe ideas. If you aren’t sure, it is best to check on for these sources for some advice about the blender.
  • Review the product manual and keep it handy. It has lots of useful information and tips on how to properly care for your blender.
  • Make sure the blender has at least one year warranty.

Finding the right type of blender suitable for your needs may seem complicated because there are lots of models, different types, and features which you may or may not need. However, when choosing the best blender, the decision all comes down to function and capacity. This is basically looking at what you will use it for. Having an all in one blender in your house is definitely a must have. It functions as an all in one blender where you can blend almost anything you want and gets perfectly blended food and a smoothie. So, on your next shopping, make sure to look for this product and discover why more and more people are choosing to purchase this awesome product.