Blenders are really fun to use. But with a huge number of models available at a wide range of prices, finding the right one has become a very difficult task. If you have a tight budget, your head will begin to spin while finding the best option on the market. To help you, we have made a review on one of the hottest budget-friendly blenders on the market. It is the BL1820SG-P FusionBlade Digital Blender. Having a great look and the ability to deliver smoothies as good as the more expensive models, it has won the hearts of thousands of users. But is the Black and Decker blender really worth of your hard earned money?


With the combination of the unique blade shape and jar design, the FusionBlade blender is able to perform with a maximum power. The jar is specifically designed to create a constant flow straight to the blades. As a result, the device has been enabled to blend the fruits as quickly as possible. The application of thick glass has made the jar highly resistant to the scratches. So, after being used for months, it will still look like new. Moreover, it is very sturdy. The stainless steel blades look very impressive. The weight of only 8 pounds has made it a compact blender. You can carry it very easily. The device is also very easy to take apart and clean. So, if you are tired of facing difficulties while cleaning blenders, like Ninja, it can be a great choice for you.

However, we have found several issues with the design. The base of the blender has been built with the cheap plastic, instead of the stainless steel. There is a strong chance for the bottom to sheer itself off. In fact, a number of users have already experienced the issue. Moreover, the blender is not durable and will definitely not last forever. The unit can be leaked very easily. And it’s really hard to find the replacement parts. So, do not make experiments with its strength, as it will not survive.


The FusionBlade digital blender comes with a pulse button and 4-function digital controls, which are very easy to use. Three of them are used for adjusting speed levels, while the remaining one performs as the smoothie button. However, there are a huge number of blenders that come with more than 6 speed levels, which you can use to blend things like nut butters and vegan cheesecakes. The low speed levels have limited the application of the FusionBlade blender. Nonetheless, for a basic blender, 3 speed levels look pretty decent. The smoothie button is very impressive. By using it, you can make delicious drinks at a perfect amount of speed and time. However, a number of users have found that the smoothie program leaves chunks of fruits, even though it is being run twice.    


The performance of the FusionBlade blender is surprisingly good with respect to its price. The $50 smoothie blender performs almost as good as the pricier ones, like Vitamix. It is the best choice for performing low-intensity tasks, like making smoothies with fresh fruits. Being equipped with a powerful 700- watt motor, the blender is able to deliver a healthy smoothie in just 30 seconds. If you want to serve your whole family with the smoothie, you can choose the 48-oz blending jar, which holds 6 cups. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a single-serve smoothie, the 20-oz blending jar will be the right option. The stainless steel blades show a superb performance in blending smoothies evenly. However, there are some issues. Sometimes, you will notice the flecks of fruits in the smoothie. Moreover, it is relatively less effective for crushing the ice than the other blenders on the market. In the durability test of Consumer Reports, it fails to crush the ice for 45 times. But considering the cheap price tag, the performance is not bad at all. In fact, it is one of the best performing blenders under $100.     

Should you buy this Black and Decker blender?

The issue with durability and the application of the cheap plastic base might drive you towards an alternate option. But you cannot find a better blender than the BLACK + DECKER FusionBlade at $50. It delivers a fantastic performance while producing healthy and fresh smoothies. It looks really awesome. If you have a limited budget and planning to buy a blender for a limited use, the Black and Decker blender can be a great pick for you.