I’m sure you’re aware that as the world becomes more populated and international travel more commonplace, so the germs and viruses we’re exposed to become more dangerous and exotic. Maybe you also know that it’s becoming harder to fight influenza viruses with antibiotics, without risking the health of the next generation. That's because the more antibiotics we deliver, the more viruses evolve and the stronger…and stranger they become.

It stands to reason then, that it’s far safer for us to stop viruses like colds and flu in their tracks, before they actually get to us. Prevention is far better than cure! Short of vaccinations, there are few better ways to halt the spread of air-born cold and flu viruses than with a self cleaning humidifier such as the Vicks UV Germ Free Humidifier.

The flu virus lingers in the air, on furnishings, on clothes and on skin but studies have shown that keeping a favorable, 45% humidity indoors goes a long way toward combatting the virus and halting its spread from the air and objects around you into you and your family.

Humidifier Benefits

Protect Your Wood

Have you ever noticed how the wooden doors in your house seem to swell and get stuck in the cold winter months. Perhaps you’ve been using your wooden chair for years when all of a sudden it develops a wobble. Dry winter air causes wood to swell and crack, limiting the lifespan and luster of your furniture and affecting their structural integrity. Using a humidifier will counteract this and ensure that all your wooden items remain tip top.

Stop Static

If you experience a build up of static electricity in your house during the winter months, using a humidifier is the perfect way to combat this. Not only can this static damage your sensitive electronic items but in extremes it can create sparks and lead to fires. Keeping the moisture balance will ensure that you and your electronics remain static free and your house safe.

Ease Allergy Symptoms
Using a self cleaning humidifier, such as the Vicks V790, will ease the congestion in allergy and sinusitis sufferers by keeping moisture levels optimal and, in the case of the Vicks humidifier, adding soothing medicinal ingredients to the mix. Water molecules and warmth will sooth the throat and nasal passages, diluting stubborn mucous so that it’s easier to expel and thereby easing congestion.

Get Warm

It’s a proven fact that moist air holds warmth far better than dry air and allows your own body to retain its heat level as well. That’s why it’s advisable that you use a self cleaning humidifier in the wintertime and better yet, a germ free Warm Mist humidifier such as Vick’s UV version. It’s one way to save on electricity bills, as you won’t require as much heating to stay warm indoors.

Moisturize Your Body

If you suffer from bloodshot eyes or lips that cry for chapstick all the time, you’re likely struggling with the effects of dehydration, inside, outside or both. After you’ve hydrated the traditional way it’s a good idea to also make use of a humidifier. A warm mist humidifier will allow your lips, your eyes and the rest of your skin to retain its own natural moisture levels and it will also help to restore moisture that was previously lost.

Quiet Nights

When you snore with an open mouth, you damage your throat by exposing it to a constant flow of dry air. A warm mist humidifier will not only combat the congestion responsible for snoring, it will sooth the detrimental effects that nightly snoring has on your mouth, nose and throat.

How The Vicks UV Germ Free Humidifier Works

The Vicks warm mist, self cleaning humidifier cleans water in two ways. In the first step, water passing from its cold to its hot reservoir is exposed to a UV light through a specially made glass tube. This controlled UV exposure eliminates the majority of harmful microorganisms which have their home in our everyday tap water.

The second step occurs in the warm water reservoir, when the water is boiled at the onset of misting. This step is a second level of security and results in water that’s VERY close to perfectly clean.

Now that your room is being humidified with safe water, there’s a third step that can be used in times of illness or at the flare up of allergies and other forms of congestion. The Vicks UV Germ Free Humidifier’s medicine cup allows you to pour Vicks liquid Vaposteam medicine into the device, to be expelled in a solution of mist, further soothing your symptoms and preventing the spread of infection.

In Conclusion

This winter, a home humidifier should be one of the first must-have items on your shopping list, along with new fluffy blankets and nasty flu shots. Safeguard yourself and your family and slow down the spread of air born viruses such as colds and flu because prevention is always better than cure.

If it’s too late and you’re already feeling the symptoms, opt for a treatment that’s far safer than most and enjoy a long list of pros to boot! Now that we know how truly beneficial a humidifier can be for yourself, your family and the lifespan of your wooden belongings, it’s doubtful you’d need another excuse to do a little shopping.