If you live in a dry air zone or a region where the dry months are quite extreme, there are probably a hundred reasons to get a cool mist humidifier.

Besides reducing the symptoms of hay fever,  as well as dry throats, eyes, sinuses and skin, an ultrasonic humidifier will protect your home and workplace’s furniture, wooden floors, delicate artworks, wallpaper and more. The humidifier will achieve this by introducing water into a parched environment that would otherwise adversely affect the lifespan and luster of paint, paper and wooden items .

These devices also reduce static electricity, in an office with nylon carpets for example, effectively protecting your electronic equipment and computer hardware from the damaging effects of static. In places like libraries, galleries, museums and older homes, a humidifier will freshen the air, eliminating that musty smell of ‘a closed room.’

Using a humidifier in the nursery is one of the safest ways to ease a baby’s congested airways and prevent further infection. It also creates a more comfortable environment for a baby who has spent 9 months under water, effectively. In fact, the majority of customers who purchase these products are using them as nursery aids.

How They Work

You might think this is just a glorified kettle, blowing out steam that’s somehow cool but actually the process is a little more refined, especially when it comes to the ultrasonic humidifier.

A metal plate inside the device is set to vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency, meaning it’s completely inaudible to humans. This action splits apart the H2O molecules inside the device’s tank resulting in a particularly fine and cool mist that disperses fast and far once emitted.

Why Choose Ultrasonic

  • First up, of all the styles of humidifier, these require the least maintenance. Essentially, you’ll only need to fill up the reservoir ever 12 hours if you choose a device like the Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier. This is far removed from the models that need pan changing, bulb changing, filter changes, canister replacement and more.
  • Because of the lack of heating elements, the ultrasonic variety doesn’t use nearly as much electricity. The absence of heated parts also means there’s no risk of a baby burning himself.
  • Because the vibration is ultrasonic and no fan is required, it’s a lot less likely to disturb a sleeping baby or distract a concentrating student.

Features Of The Safety 1St Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier

Variable Settings

The design allows you to alter the device settings so that the strength of emission suits the time of year or purpose. Use a higher setting during illness or on hotter, drier days. A simple dial on the front of the device will allow you to adjust the settings with ease. A higher setting will produce more mist faster and visa versa.

No Filter

This may sound unsanitary but filters are actually hotbeds for germs and bacteria so instead of forcing you to keep paying for new filters, which are usually hard to find in the correct size, it’s advised that you just use distilled water with this device.

Easy Refill Handle

The refillable tank section of the Safety 1St 360 ultrasonic humidifier has a convenient carry handle on the top so that lifting the tank out of the device, refilling and carrying it back when it’s full is made that much easier.

Auto Shut Off

When the reservoir of the Safety 1St Model IH282 is about to run dry, a red light will switch on to notify you…even when it’s dark. Not to worry though, if the device does happen to run dry, it will shut down automatically to avoid any overheating or electronic failure.

Dual Rotating Mist Outlets

Possibly the greatest feature on the Safety First 360 Humidifier is the inclusion of dual 360 degree rotating mist outlets on the top of the device. Now, they don’t rotate automatically, that would just use up more electricity and be a temptation for baby fingers.

You can, however, rotate both nozzles separately to face whichever directions you chose, a hugely convenient feature that gives you a lot more freedom in terms of where you’re able to set the device down.

Small And Convenient

The Safety 1St Humidifier is small enough to allow for inconspicuous placement, even in a tiny room like a nursery, yet the amount of vapor produced is in no way lowered by size constraints as the ultrasonic vibration produces such a fine vapor.

The Feedback

Thousands of satisfied purchasers of this particular humidifier have left favorable reviews of the product online that attest to its overall ease of use, design and safety factors.

In Conclusion

The The Safety 1St 360 ultrasonic humidifier is a great example of the latest, cost and maintenance efficient technology in the home humidification industry. Indeed, the idea of having a humidifier in your home for health and home care might all be news to you but these devices can really be beneficial.

If you and your family suffer from dry skin, dry throat, nose and eyes or hay fever symptoms and congestion, then this might be one of the healthiest, most non-invasive and unobtrusive methods of getting well and breathing comfortably again, for you, your loved ones and even your little one!