Coldness and dryness in the air is never a good combination. As the temperature drops lower and the air gets drier, it is best to invest in an air humidifier. It is important to protect yourself and your family from the cold season, and humidifiers will do this job for you.

A humidifier releases vapor into the room to increase the room’s humidity. The added moisture in the room will help eliminate its dryness and the ailments that it causes. When used properly, this machine can eliminate throat, skin, lips, and nose irritations caused by dryness.

For an effective combat against the cold season, the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer is the perfect choice for you.

Features of the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer

Manufactured by a company that makes home products mindful and chic, the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer has the top features for your home and work space.

Cool & Warm Mist Technology

The Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer features a warm and cool mist that are available in three different levels. Each of the level of the mist’s temperature will help you soothe a specific ailment.

For coughing and congestion due to the cold and dry air, use the warm mist. It can also help in the neutralization of most airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and mineral dust. During the hot dry weather, on the other hand, the cool mist can relieve cough and nasal congestion. It also helps in keeping your skin moisturized.

You can even put some spa vibe in your room by transforming the humidifier into an aroma diffuser. All you need to do is put a few drops of any essential oil into its built-in aroma box.

Precise Humidity Sensor

Through the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer’s relative humidity indicator, users will be able to customize the level of humidity that they prefer (anywhere from 40% to 80%). They will then set it up into the machine. The machine, in return will work to maintain the set level to make the users feel comfortable.

Alternatively, users can also choose the automatic humidity function. With this, the machine automatically senses the humidity level of its surrounding. It will then add moisture to the air as needed.

Too much humidity can increase condensation, mold or insects in a place. This is why it is quite important to control the level of a room’s humidity. The humidifier’s indicator reads the exact level of humidity, so you can make sure that the room’s humidity level is still ideal.

Huge Capacity and Quiet Operation

You don’t need to worry about having to refill this humidifier’s water tank again and again. The Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer has a large 6L water tank. This capacity allows up to a 36-hour continuous use.

Each of the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizers is perfect to use in large rooms. You can put it in your bedroom, living room, or even in your work space. It also works quietly through its ultrasonic technology.

Whether on auto mode, sleep mode, or on its 12-hour timer setting, the nozzles disperse the mist soundlessly throughout the room. You can make sure that the machine will never interrupt your time for rest.

Easy to Control

If it is your first time purchasing an air humidifier, you do not need to worry about not knowing how to use it. The Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer is easy to use with its intuitive manual setup.

Easily set up the warm and cool mist functions, the mist level and the timer with the tip of your finger through its interactive control panel. Already feeling comfortable lying down on your bed? You do not need to always stand just to change the setting. Each model includes a remote control so you can change the setting the way you want from up to 5 meters away.

With its built-in timer feature, users will be able to control it when the machine turns off. You can program it between 1 to 12 hours, and it will automatically shut off once the timer reaches the end of its count down. Additionally, it also automatically turns off when the water tank has emptied.
You need not worry about the place where you are going to put the machine either. This model features two adjustable 360-degree nozzles. With these nozzles, you can make sure that the mist is evenly dispersed wherever the humidifier is placed.

Easy to Clean

Humidifiers should be cleaned regularly especially if it is used daily. You should also clean it after storing it inside a closet for several weeks without cleaning. Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t worry because the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer is super easy to clean.
This humidifier is designed and built with materials that are reliable and safe. The purchased product comes with a cleaning brush, a 2-year warranty, and a lifetime support from Levoit.

Specs of the Air Humidifier

The Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer only weighs 4.9 pounds each. It has product dimensions of 11.3 in. (length) x 7 in. (width) x 10.5 in. (height), making it easy for you to find a place for it in your room.

Conveniently place it on a desk, or on your bedside table. It is also safe to use around babies, kids, or pets. The purchased package includes 1 Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier, 1 remote control, 2 descaling pads, 2 aroma pads, 1 cleaning brush, and 1 user manual.


Definitely one of the must-have appliances, the Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer is perfect in bringing the comfort to you and your family all throughout the year. It’s also one of the best humidifiers in the market with its various setting that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

This appliance is truly a good investment. Don’t let your guard down and keep yourself and your family healthy and free from irritations brought by the environment’s coldness and the air’s dryness.