Now, a lot of the parents who pass this way are first timers to the baby monitor market, hoping to get a heads up on what baby monitors entail these days, as well as which ones we think are worth the spend. The fact is, if you’ve used a new generation video baby monitor before, you’ll know that perfect products come few and far between. Often times you’ll have two or three great features but you’ll feel something’s missing.

It’s seldom that you’ll find a product with all your favorite baby monitor features and more, all at an affordable price. Yet it would seem that the vtech safe and sound comes closer to reaching that goal than most. It’s so packed with features that it’s hard to find a function that’s not on the list. All this from a brand with over thirty years of experience in electronics and more experience in wireless technology than most. Surely we must have a winner on our hands in the Vtech VM343.

That’s what we’re here to find out, because it’s no good having a 4.3” screen if the resolution is so low that you still can’t see the picture. How do the features on the vtech safe and sound really match up against its competitors? Is this product as much of a score as we think it is at this price? We’ll soon find out!

What you get in the box:

  • Camera Unit
  • Power Adapter For The Camera
  • Mounting Fixture And Screws
  • Hand Held Monitor
  • Belt Clip
  • Rechargeable Battery For Monitor
  • USB Charger For Monitor


  • High Resolution, 4.3 Inch Color LCD
  • Full Motion Video
  • Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom
  • Automatic Infra Red Night Vision
  • Up To 1000 Foot Range
  • Vibrating Sound Alert On The Parent Unit
  • Two Way Talk Back Intercom
  • Expandable Up To 4 Cameras
  • Wall Mountable
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Secure Digital Video And Audio Transmission
  • Rechargeable Battery With Low Battery Alert On Parent Unit
  • Belt Clip
  • Volume Control
  • Sound Activation

The Hand Held Unit’s Functionality:

Now, the 4.3” color LCD screen is definitely more than ample, allowing you to clearly see what baby is up to at all times and shows some useful details at all times, such as your temperature sensor reading and your signal strength.

The hand held device runs on a rechargeable cellphone style battery but it’s definitely bigger than your average phone and ways just over 7 ounces. It has a fold out antenna and a kickstand and can also be fitted with a belt clip.

The fact that it employs ten buttons around the sides of the screen, instead of a touch screen, adds to the device’s simplicity making operation as basic as can be. The buttons unfortunately don’t light up in the dark but, then again, you can’t have everything! All in all, it’s a well built, solid peace of gear that’s just the right size to fulfill its function properly.

4 Colored LEDs above the device screen keep you in the loop as to push-to-talk mode, sound alerts, battery level and signal strength, while easy to understand icons help you to remember which of the 10 buttons is which.

The Screen And Video Resolution:

This is definitely one of the better screen and video combinations around, let alone in the price range. The high resolution screen shows a very crisp and clear image in both full color, day mode and black and white night mode.

The automatic night vision is remarkably clear, allowing to see the clear up and down movement of baby’s chest, as well as tell tale facial expressions. Definitely above average night vision on this device and the high resolution screen performs as advertised…meaning well above average too!

One area where this device most certainly stands apart from its competitors is n the motion video realm. It’s a common complaint amongst baby monitor users that they experience a considerable lag or motion blur whenever baby is seriously spritely or on the move. This camera has no such qualms and you’ll experience none of these problems with the vtech safe and sound.

Camera Operation And Controls:

The remote zoom, remote 270 degree pan and remote 120 degree tilt functions are amongst the features that you wouldn’t expect to see on such an affordable option. Yet they function really well on this device, all movements being operated with the press of a button on the parent unit.

While some camera units may make a very irritating buzz or drone when they move, the sound this one makes is not quite enough to wake a sleeping baby so there’s no need to worry about that.

Controls on the hand held device are extremely intuitive and the buttons are clicky and responsive.

The Other Listed Features:

When it comes to living up the advertising, the vtech safe and sound most certainly does all this and more. None of the listed features have notable drawbacks and nothing seems to have been compromised for sake of manufacturing an affordable product.

From the sound activation function, where the device ‘sleeps’ while baby is quiet, all the way to the handy talk back feature that allows you to comfort baby with the soothing sound of your voice through a two way speaker…all features function just as advertised.


One thing’s for sure, the vtech safe and sound delivers on its promises with a hefty list of features that all function exactly as advertised. So if you’re on the hunt for an affordable option with all the conveniences you could ask for in a new generation video baby monitor, look no further than the Vtech VM343.