What an exciting time, welcoming a new life into the wold and shopping for all the bits and bobs that’ll make day to day living pass a little smoother, so that you and the little one can enjoy more quality time together.

When it comes to shopping for child safety gear like the summer infant baby monitor, things can become a little stressful. Given the high tech nature of the new generation baby monitors, you might need a little help understanding the ins and outs of the device’s listed features.

We’re here to help you make an informed purchase when it comes to your baby monitor. This article will give you a thorough run through of the summer infant baby monitor, include all the listed features of the brand’s wide view monitor and what they mean to you as a new parent.

About The Company

Summer Infant is no stranger to the child safety game. In fact, they’ve been developing innovative products for infant and parent convenience since as far back as 1985. The brand’s first product was a bouncy seat, brainstormed by a father who desperately needed a safe place to put his infant when his hands were otherwise occupied.

The company strives for excellence wth every release and now offer products geared toward every aspect of day to day baby care, from breakfast to bed time and beyond. What we’re trying to say is, they know about infant care. They understand the daily needs of both parent and child and that understanding shows in their product design.

Included In The Box

  • The Camera / Baby Unit
  • The Hand Held Monitor / Parent Unit
  • 2 x Power Adapter
  • Wall Mounting Fixtures
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • User Manual
Special Device Features

Wide View Camera Lens:

Because babies seldom stay in one place, the summer infant baby monitor includes a wide view
camera. The specially designed lens allows you to see up to 4 x more of the infant’s environment than a normal lens. So, you’ll be able to see all of baby’s crib, playpen and more for ultimate peace of mind.

5 “ Flat Screen Hand Held Monitor:

The five inch, full color screen on the hand held parent monitor is more than ample for you to get a clear view, even of baby’s most subtle gestures. The hand held parent unit features an ‘out of range alarm’ so you’l know if there’s any break in the signal, without having to learn the hard way.

The hand held monitor transforms into a desk top unit with an easy to use kickstand. Volume and brightness are both adjustable and the device features a color coded LED indicator system to alert you to the sound levels in the nursery, even when the monitor volume is muted.

Talk Back System:

Nifty two way speakers allow you and baby to communicate both ways, so that you can comfort and coddle baby, even when you’re in the next room. This is an essential feature during the important bonding phase and you’ll find that nothing soothes the little one quite as easily as the sound of a parent’s comforting voice.

Full Zoom Feature:

The press of a button on the parent unit will allow you to zoom in remotely. This means you don’t need to miss a single movement and you can always double check if you’re unsure of baby’s breathing or tell tale expression.

Automatic Night Vision:

When the nursery light goes out, the summer infant baby monitor camera automatically switches to night vision mode. The black and white night vision features clear and crisp picture quality and will allow you to clearly see baby’s sleeping image, while your baby grows accustomed to spending nights with the lights out.

Soft Glow Night Light:

The Summer Infant Wide view Monitor features a built in, soft glow night light on the camera unit. This feature will assist you at night when you check in on the little one and it can also be left on for bundles of joy who don’t fancy sleeping in a pitch dark room.

What’s more, you needn't fumble  in the dark and when wake the baby unnecessarily in order to switch on the night light. The light is operated remotely, through the hand held parent unit.

Expandable Camera Unit:

The entire set up is easily expanded with the adding of up to four extra wide view 2.0 digital cameras. These can be placed in multiple rooms and viewed one at a time or on eight second rotation, allowing you to keep tabs on more than one child or leave cameras in the nursery and day room as you go about your day…without having to remount them every time. Cameras are sold separately.

800 Foot Range:

An above average range of up to 800 feet will allow you plenty of room for movement while still receiving signal from the baby unit. Watch your little one in his day bed while you hang up your laundry and retain peace of mind, even when you sleep a few walls away.

Table Top or Wall Mountable Camera:

If you’ve a particularly curious baby, you might want to ensure that your camera unit is  placed well out of the way of little roving fingers. Included mounting fixtures will allow you to  mount the unit on a nearby wall so you never have to worry about having your camera turned into a teething toy again.

Table top use is made simple with a convenient and very sturdy stand on the camera unit and you needn’t concern yourself with moving furniture around, the camera unit has a handy manual swivel feature that will allow you to alter direction of view.

100% Digital Technology For Privacy And Security

The secure digital signal employed by this device will ensure that your signal is uninterrupted by interference from other wireless devices in the vicinity. The digital technology also prevents any outside intrusion, meaning no hackers will have access to your private in-home feed.


Well, it certainly seems that the designers of the summer infant baby monitor have left nothing out when it comes to this child safety system. A host of handy features, together with an affordable price tag, work together to make this device a popular choice amongst busy parents, like yourself, on the hunt for a time saving, convenient video monitor.

We wish you all the best throughout your purchase and the beautiful adventure of parenting and we hope you’ll stop in again, the next time you need a little heads up! May your chosen baby monitor bring you sound sleep and peace of mind.