Are you searching for a reliable baby monitor? The Philips Avent baby monitor delivers complete reassurance to parents. You can stay connected to your baby day and night with this amazing device. It provides the most reliable connection with temperature control and crystal-clear sound.

It has a range of 330 meters with night mode features that can assure the comfort of the baby. The range gives you plenty of room to move around in the house and yet ensure that the baby is covered.

The Philips Avent baby monitor guarantees that you will have a 100% private connection and zero interference, both of which are important for the safety and security of your baby. When parents choose an audio baby monitor instead of a video monitor they want to be assured that the device will provide crystal clear sound quality and it doesn’t disappoint.


LED Lights Indicate Sound Level

The monitor works by activating the LED lights whenever the baby makes any kind of noise in the room. This gives parents the chance to go and check on their baby.

Even when the speaker the muted, the lights on the monitor will indicate that the baby is awake and is making noises. You also have an additional vibration mode that alerts the parents.

Two Way Communication to Talk Back

This is a handy feature on the Philips Avent baby monitor and is considered fairly standard in all baby monitor devices. This feature really comes in handy when the baby starts making small sounds during the night. All that you need to do is to activate the talk back mode and let your voice soothe them back to sleep.

You can make use of the two-way communication feature to talk with anyone in the baby’s room. It can work as an effective intercom system and saves you the trouble of running back and forth to the baby’s room to communicate anything to your partner.

Customizable Temperature Sensor

The comfort of the baby is important and this is the reason that you should be able to monitor the temperature in their room. If it is either too hot or too cold, it can cause discomfort to the baby.

The customizable temperature sensor enables you to monitor the temperature in the baby’s room at all times. You also have an alarm that alerts you if the temperature falls below the optimum that is recommended.

Secure Connection with No Interference

The DECT technology encrypts the signal and this means that there will be no interference from cell phones or other devices.

Smart Eco – Energy Saving Mode

The Smart Eco mode saves power by automatically minimizing the transmission power. This helps in increasing the battery lifetime. When you are closer to the baby, less power is required for the perfect connection.

Night Light and Lullabies

The warm and tranquil night light can help soothe the baby. The light can be remotely controlled. The monitor unit also has classic lullabies that can be played remotely to help the baby sleep soundly.

Pros and Cons


  • The secure FHSS technology enables interference free communication.
  • User interface easy to understand.
  • Temperature monitoring and wall mount options available.
  • Durable baby monitor. It can withstand an accidental drop and doesn’t easily get damaged.
  • Long battery life.
  • Affordably priced.

  • Background noise can be louder can average. The noise can also interfere with the eco smart battery saving.

The Philips Avent baby monitor is an ideal choice for parents who prefer hearing the voice of their baby rather than seeing it on the video monitor. It is best suited for the development stages of the baby (0 – 6 months) when they are not too active.