When you’re shopping for child safety gear, research is everything. You really need to know your stuff when it comes to electronic devices like the Motorola mbp854connect because mistakes made could end up costing you more than just money. Purchasing a baby monitor is about streamlining the early parenting process on one hand and actually caring for your infant on the other.

A video baby monitor will allow you to always keep eyes and ears on baby in a way that’s convenient for you. It can afford you many a good night’s rest because instead of standing up every five minutes out of concern for a lonely child in the next room, you can just glance over at the Motorola mbp854connect next to your bed and confirm that the little one is indeed sleeping contentedly.

It’s a convenience that can also prove to be a life saver…literally! So, let’s get on with it and run you through some of this popular device’s features.

Included in the pack

  • Parent Unit
  • Baby Unit with audio, WiFi and video
  • Rechargeable battery pack for the parent unit
  • User’s Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Two power adapters for both the parent and baby units

Special Device Features

4.3 Inch color LCD screen and touch controls:
The 720 pixel HD LCD screen will provide a detailed and clear color image of your favorite new person in the day and a sharp grayscale image in the night.The portable monitor shares the same attractive two-tone styling as the camera unit and the 4.3” screen is flanked by two neat rows of touch buttons, emblazoned with rather bright LED’s. Button pressing is accompanied by an audible beep instead of a click and there is no way to disable the beep unless you turn down the volume of the entire device.

Internet viewing:

If you find the Motorola mbp854connect hand held monitor a little bulky, you’ll be glad to discover that the camera unit can also be paired with your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or your PC. There’s a free app for you to download, it’s named Hubble For
Motorola Monitors and will allow you to stream baby’s feed over WiFi to wherever you are. The free Hubble app is available on Google Play and App Store and will allow you  to enjoy a super clear, high quality, 720 pixel video with sound…provided you have a steady internet connection.

Cloud based Hubble video recording plus still image capture:

An interesting feature about the app service is that you’ll be able to record all your motion triggered video, in options of 2, 7 and 30 day packages, all stored safely online with the Hubble Cloud Service (CVR) . Also, you’ll be able to capture those precious moments, family firsts and general day to day cuteness, all with the Hubble app. Recording plans aren’t free and will cost you between $2.99 and $29.99.

Two way communication:

The mbp854connect boasts high quality, clear sound with two-way speakers on both the camera and the hand held unit. Whilst the speakers will allow you to hear your little one loud and clear, even better is the fact that baby will be able to enjoy the super soothing sound of your voice on the other end when he wakes up and you need a few minutes to get to him.

A range of 5 soothing polyphonic  lullabies:

An added feature of the Motorola mbp854connect is the range of five soothing lullabies which can easily be toggled from your handy portable monitor.

Remote Pan, tilt and zoom:

No need to worry about manual camera adjustments testing your patience and most likely  waking baby from sleep unnecessarily. The  setup features an almost full, 300 degree remote pan, remote tilt and remote zoom. All of these useful functions are easily operated from the comfort of your monitor. You’ll be able to keep proper tabs on movers, shakers and rollers alike. Also the device pans, tilts and zooms fairly inaudibly so you won’t disturb your restless sleeper even more.

Battery life and system recharge:

While a first time charge of 16 hours is recommended, you’ll find the normal charge will take between 10 and 12 hours. The device will give you roughly six hours of constant video feed before you need a charge, with about 10-12 hours battery life on standby.

Room temperature sensors and alert system:

The built-in temperature sensors on the camera unit will provide you with accurate readings and alert you if the temperature levels go above or below your given figures. So, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments before baby suffers the consequences.

Sound and motion activation:

The device also features sound and motion sensors which you can set to provide an alert as soon as certain levels are reached.


The Motorola mbp854connect looks to have all the makings of a quality, new generation baby monitor that should do its job and offer you perfect peace of mind with its host of functions, even when you’re half a world away. One of this device’s most enticing features has to be the fact that you have the option to use the provided portable monitor or you can opt for the convenience of your iPhone, Android device or PC.