It seems you’re on the hunt for a baby monitor so congratulations must surely be in order! As you may well know, the baby monitors of 2017 are a far cry from the one function, analog devices of nineties fame. The now largely optical, often digital and wireless devices are actually pretty high tech pieces of gadgetry and that’s why a little bit of pre-purchase research will definitely count in your favor.

The motorola video baby monitor, specifically the MBP36S model, is a popular example of a new generation baby monitor. It doesn’t operate over WiFi signal like some, instead it uses an encrypted wireless signal that operates only within a certain radius. While this won’t seem like a selling point for some people, there are a few things to consider before you decide to opt for a WiFi based option instead.

WiFi baby monitors have certain drawbacks. For example, you’ll always be at the mercy of your internet connection and without it, your baby monitor simply wont work. Another common issue is a notable transmission delay, so you might only see the image a second later. A third concern is the potential for intrusive hacking, although most brands do devise measures to guard against this.

So you see, there may be some wisdom in going for the option that doesn’t necessarily seem like the most high tech. Let’s take a closer look now at the MBP36S motorola video baby monitor, with a particular focus on specs and features. We’ll soon see whether this baby monitor is worth its salt!

Setting Up The Device:

Setup is easy as can be, there’s none of the hassle involved in establishing an internet connection so it’s really as easy as charging the units, mounting the camera (It has a recess on its underside for this purpose), switching on the units and figuring out the controls on the hand held…and they’re very straight forward.

How Secure Is The Signal?

The link between units operates over an encrypted 2.4GHz digital wireless channel and can operate at a radius of up to 590 feet, though this is very much dependent on walls and other factors in between. Nevertheless, this signal should operate free from interference and will also be completely safe from hackers.

Pod Camera Features

  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 3.75”
  • Full pan and tilt mechanism
  • 0.3 megapixel
  • Infrared night vision with 8 LED sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Two way speaker
  • Wall mountable
  • Comes with own charge cable
Remote Full Zoom, Pan And Tilt:

This feature of the motorola video baby monitor will allow you to follow baby remotely from your hand held by using the directional controls on the device. The zoom function let’s you magnify parts of the display so that you can check baby’s breathing, for example.

The pan and tilt are particularly useful features if you’ve a spritely little one who likes to traverse his playpen or if the crib is large and baby is inclined to move a lot during the night. These features will allow you to keep tabs of the whole room and not just the crib, making them invaluable tools in your pursuit of complete security and peace of mind.

A recess underneath the pod camera base will allow you to mount the device to wall or ceiling, which is definitely recommended if you want to make the most out of this feature.

Night Vision:

The motorola video baby monitor employs 8 infrared night vision sensors to transmit a crisp greyscale image of your little one, even in the darkest of rooms. This will allow you to observe your sleeping bundle, without having to put on a light that might rouse him unnecessarily.

Expandable Camera Unit:

What this means is that you can add more cameras to your setup, 3 more, to be exact. So you needn’t worry about mounting and dismounting whenever you want to switch rooms. If you connect up a few cameras you’ll be able to switch between camera feeds or watch more than one feed simultaneously. The extra cameras units are, of course, sold separately.

Temperature Monitor:

This handy feature will visually alert you if the temperature in the nursery goes above or below a certain level (57-84 degrees Fahrenheit). Catching a temperature drop in time and adjusting the thermostat accordingly could save you from a great many doctor’s visits and sleepless nights.

Built In Lullabies:

A series of 5 lullabies can be set to play individually or on loop, via the speaker on the baby unit. You can toggle these lullabies easily from your display unit.

Remote Display Unit Features

  • Dimensions 3.13” x 4.75”
  • Fold out antenna
  • Fold out kickstand
  • 3.5” (Diagonal) color LCD
  • Color coded LED lights indicate sound levels
  • Directional adjustment buttons
  • Two way speaker
  • Comes with own charge cable

Sound Level Readings:

Noise levels are indicated by a row of colored LEDs above the display screen on the parent unit. You’ll learn to read good and bad colors and always be aware of sound levels in baby’s room, even when your display screen is toggled off.

Two Way Talk:

A button on the hand held, when held down, will make your voice audible to baby. This way you can comfort him when he stirs or sing him a lullaby of your own, even when you’re not in the same room.

Night Shift Alarm:
An alarm system, built into the display unit, can be set to wake you up at intervals. This is very handy both during the night and when you’re distracted by your chores during the day.

In Conclusion:

There Are Pros

That certainly is a hefty list of features and it seems to me that the motorola video baby monitor has just about everything you could hope for in a child safety setup. Installation is simple and easy and controls are intuitive. The device delivers on it’s listed features, even if the range might not actually reach 590 feet.

And There Are Cons

There are things that could be improved, for example, why not add a nightlight on the baby unit? Also, I feel that motion detection LED alerts would have made a lot of sense, along with sound detection (which it does have), as baby might not make a sound when he’s in distress. In fact, I find this to be a considerable issue and wonder whether this shouldn’t be a standard feature on any 2017 baby monitor.