The Levana Keera PTZ is a digital video baby monitor with lots of amazing features. It is an ideal choice for parents of young children, as it enables them to keep an eye on them from anywhere in the home.

The image quality is good and the audio is sensitive enough to pick whispers. The powerful battery of Levana Keera PTZ can last 24 hours and this saves you the hassle of having to recharge it again and again.

The digital baby monitor has the ability to take pictures and record videos of your precious little one, as you view them from the monitor. You will be able to watch your little angel as they sleep, crawl or do any other cute activity. The simple graphic icons and touch panel buttons make it easy to select the many features with just the touch of a button.

Talk to your baby using the two-way communication and assure them with the sound of your voice. The smart LED lights change colors to indicate the volume level of the baby.

The camera footage can be saved on the micro SD card and this makes it easy to transfer all the cherished and wonderful moments of your baby’s growth to the computer. You will be able to watch and enjoy the cherished memories of your baby with family and friends.

Features of Levana Keera PTZ

3.5" TFT-LCD Monitor

The 3.5" monitor can enable you to watch your baby’s room in vivid detail. You will be able to remotely view streamed images in 320 x 240 resolution. The 25 frames per second rate ensures a skip free video feed.

You will be able to zoom in up to two times and this enables you to see the images in a clear manner. The compact design, intuitive icon based touch panel and table top kick stand ensure a convenient viewing experience.  

Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera Control

The pan, tilt and zoom functionality enables you to focus on what you want. The camera control allows you to adjust the view so that you are able to view specific areas of the baby’s room.

The camera can be adjusted to 300° horizontal pan view and 110° vertical tilt view. This ensures that you never miss a thing in the nursery.

LED (Invisible) Night Vision

The camera has eight infrared LEDs built into them and this ensures clear recording of the child’s activities even in complete darkness. The recording is clear even when the camera is 12' away.

The night vision LEDs feature an invisible design compared to the traditional LED design. This amazing feature enables parents to have complete peace of mind as they will be able to check on their baby even in darkness.

Smart LED Indicator Ring

The smart LED indictor ring on the Levana Keera PTZ baby monitor changes colors based on the volume level of your baby. This makes it easier to key an eye on the baby even when the monitor is muted.

When the monitor unit is disconnected the ring glows pink. Similarly, it glows blue, green, yellow, orange and red depending on the volume level of your baby. The different colors indicate increasing volume levels.

  • Pink – Disconnected
  • Blue – Whispers or low volume
  • Green – Murmurs or low and medium volume
  • Yellow – Cooing or medium volume
  • Orange – Chatter or medium and high volume
  • Red – Yelling or high volume
The Levana Keera PTZ is easy to setup. You will be able to make the connection between the parent monitor and the camera within seconds. The easy to use baby monitor device provides a lot of convenience to parents.