Well, since you’re clearly engaged in researching products for the safety of your beloved new born, we thought you wouldn’t mind if we shared some interesting facts. Did you know that Levana is the name of a mythical Roman goddess, dedicated to the wellbeing of children? Did you know that the name has roots in the roman word for the symbolic lifting up of a newborn baby in offering to the parents?

The makers of the levana baby monitor knew all this back in the early 2000s, when they set up the company, and that’s not the only thing that they put so much thought into. The brand has been an inspired story from the get go, one that involves a whole lot of innovation too. That’s because it was Levana, or at least the founder’s previous company, a security company called SVAT, that brought the first wireless, hand held, full-color video baby monitor to the world market.

So, the brand you’re thinking of supporting truly is an industry leader. Their innovation and foresight is the reason that we know longer have to wonder what’s really going on as we struggle to decipher noises through a crackly analog baby monitor. The makers of the levana baby monitor are the reason that we can now get the important things done that need to get done around the house, with a clear view of baby (sound asleep) in the palm of our hand.

The Managing Director of Levana, Raj Jain, brainstormed the idea out of pure necessity, while babysitting his niece back in 2001. He was using an analog audio monitor and was dismayed by the sound quality and the range. Given that his company, SVAT, developed DIY security gear at the time, Raj immediately saw a gap int he market for a baby monitor that could provide a quality audio and video feed to a parent on the move. One thing’s for sure, we’re glad that he did!

About The Levana Ayden Baby Monitor

This stylish and easy to use levana baby monitor was created to make the wireless, digital, color video and audio baby monitors accessible to everyone. A digital video security system with a picture quality of this caliber on a portable unit might set you back hundreds of dollars but not so the Levana Ayden baby monitor.

Here’s a model with hundreds of high-star scores under its belt, together with a history of  top-ten baby monitor appearances, all over the web! Sharp image quality and well above average user-friendliness with innovative controls and all the necessary conveniences are amongst the factors that keep this model at the top of its game, even though its already seen a few years on the market.

Special Features Of The Levana Ayden

Talk To Baby (Two Way Communication):

Here’s an invaluable asset to the new parent because there’s nothing in the world that can comfort a crying baby quite as much as the soothing sound of a parent’s voice. This feature allows you to clearly listen to the sound of your baby’s every breath and if baby wakes up, you can reassure him with the soothing sound of your voice.

750ft Clearvu Digital Signal:

Many video models on the market struggle under interference from wifi signals and other wireless devices, not so the levana baby monitor. With a Clearvu Digital Signal you’re ensured uninterrupted reception of baby’s video and audio feed with complete protection from potential eavesdroppers. Not only that but the impressive 750ft range is more than ample to cover the entirety of most modern family homes, back yard included!

Temperature Monitor:

Many customer reviewers have remarked on the benefits of the temperature monitor built right into the Levana Ayden monitor’s video camera. Now you’ve an extra snippet of information that could explain why baby becomes unsettled at a certain time of night. This feature will allow you to address any nursery temperature fluctuation before baby even notices.

Soothing Sleep Sounds:

From your hand console, this feature will allow you to toggle three uniquely soothing lullabies to assist you in putting the little one to sleep. Clear audio speakers will play your chosen lullaby to the baby, all while you get dinner on the hob downstairs!

A Night Light:

A gentle night light, built into the baby or camera unit, will save you the hassle of dangerous clutter in the nursery.

Night Vision:

Sensitive night vision sensors with invisible LED lights will allow you to clearly see baby’s movements, facial features and breathing from up to 15 feet away. This is of huge benefit to a growing babe as it will allow him to grow accustomed to sleeping in a dark room. Without this high tech feature your Levana Ayden would only be as good as an audio monitor in the dark.

Color Coded Alarms:

The parent unit will display a color coded LED alarm that will alert you as to any unusual behavior, temperature fluctuation or other interference from baby’s side.

48 Hour Battery Life:

The levana baby monitor features a special PEEP or power saving mode which will switch off the parent monitor when no activity is registered and also allow the baby unit to function for up to 48 hours before a charge is required. This is of great convenience in the event that your baby’s stationed far from an outlet or if you’d just prefer to keep your little one well away from nasty electrical cables.


With this many outstanding features, it’s not hard to understand why the levana baby monitor is the first choice for so many thousands of parents on the hunt for a convenient, affordable and easy to use product. Now you can enjoy the wonders of early parenting while stilling having the time to get chores done around the house, get a good night’s sleep or simply savor a quiet dinner with your spouse. We wish you the best of luck with your purchase and, of course, with the joyous task of raising a winner!