The iBaby Monitor is a high resolution baby monitor that enables parents to keep an eye on their baby from wherever they are. The device helps parents stay connected with their child with many thoughtful additions to the features, like recorded lullabies and stories.

The high resolution baby monitor is equipped with an amazing camera that can capture all activities of your baby in a seamless manner. The iBaby Monitor helps keep tabs on your baby in one of the most user-friendly ways possible.  Using the latest technology, the baby monitor streamlines the entire process of watching over a baby.

The iBaby Monitor is unlike any other baby monitors available in the market. It has been specifically designed to bring convenience and comfort to busy parents. You will be able to track each and every moment of your baby and share these wonderful memories with your loved ones using Android and iOS devices.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing this high resolution baby monitor is that you will be able to connect it your smartphone or tablet and this enables you to check on your baby from anywhere.
The monitor can turn at 360° and tilt at 110° and this gives you an all-inclusive view of the nursery. The video can be streamed and the night vision enables you to get a clear picture of the baby even at night. The two-way audio and echo cancellation ensures that you are able to hear even the smallest sound that the baby makes when sleeping or playing.


Easy and Quick Installation

The high resolution baby monitor can be setup within minutes without you having to go through the manual guides. The app can help guide you through the entire installation process.

360° Full View

You no longer have to go to the baby’s room to adjust the baby monitor’s view. You will be able to view any angle of the nursery by easily turning the camera in any manner you want using your smartphone. The remote control of the camera provides a lot of convenience as you will be able to pan and tilt it in any manner you want.

The 360° view ensures that you are able to see every nook and corner of the nursery and you don’t miss out on anything. If you want to look at the baby more closely you can make use of the zoom feature to do so.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor allows you to monitor the climate in the nursery. Babies are sensitive to temperature and humidity and if the climate is too hot or too cold they can easily become restless.

The sensor on the baby monitor immediately alerts parents if the temperature and humidity crosses the permissible limits. Adjust the thermostat so that the baby can sleep comfortably.

Smart Alerts

The motion and sound alerts ensure that you are aware of everything that is happening at the nursery. The alerts are delivered to the smartphone and this enables you to keep track of all activities of your baby.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a full 360-degree camera pan.
  • MP3 quality music options.
  • Pan and tilt responsiveness is excellent.
  • User friendly streaming app.
  • Attractively priced.

  • Browser based streaming option not available.
  • The camera has no accompanying monitor.
  • Audio and motion sensors are too sensitive.
  • Setup is a little complicated.
The iBaby Monitor is attractive and unobtrusive and you will be able to fit it just about anywhere. You will be able to see and hear your baby from anywhere in the home or even when you are away at work. The camera with two microphones can pick up even the smallest sounds and transmit it to the app.