Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible, the first convertible car seat from Italian company Peg Perego, is designed with your baby’s utmost safety in mind without sacrificing style, comfort, and functionality.

Created with state of the art safety features and top-quality durable materials, this car seat can be converted from a rear-facing seat for infants to a forward-facing seat for toddlers, allowing you to use it for a long time. This makes Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
Convertible a must-have for every car owner out there who has kids.

Main Features of Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible

Made in Italy, the Primo Viaggio Convertible offers several key features such as reversible design, ease of use and installation, safety and stability, and style and comfort.

Reversible car seat

Infants are very easy to get injured because their bones are fragile and have not been fully developed. Their bodies may not be able to handle the pressure from belts or harness in a normal car seat.

According to several studies, the safest way for infants to travel in a car is by installing a rear-facing car seat. This is because the back of the car seat absorbs the impact while keeping the baby in place in the event of a car crash. However, when the child grows larger and their head reaches above the back of the car seat, a rear-facing position is no longer safe. Instead, a forward facing seat will provide more security for the child.

One of the best features of the Primo Viaggio Convertible is that you can utilize it for a period longer than non-convertible car seats. It can be used in a rear facing position for smaller kids from 5 to 45 pounds, and can be converted to forward-facing position for toddlers weighing 22 to 65 pounds. This means you don’t have to buy a different car seat as your child grows older, giving you value for your money.

Easy to use and install

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible is designed for easy installation and repositioning.

This car seat can be securely installed in the vehicle rear or forward facing by means of its easy to use adjustable LATCH anchors and Top Tether straps. On the sides of the car seat are stabilizing clips for belt installation, which work with your standard shoulder or lap seat belts. These mechanisms, along with its stabilized base, provide the Primo Viaggio Convertible increased stability while making it easy to reposition.

This convertible seat has a quick-release 5-point non-rethread harness that allows you to adjust it in 10 different height positions even while the child is seated. It also has a button near the foot of the seat to conveniently tighten or loosen the harness. This ensures the safest and best fit for the child.

When not in use, the LATCH connectors can be stored out of the way by attaching the clips under the seat. The top tether strap, meanwhile, can be stowed at the back of the seat.

Guarantees utmost safety for your little one

The Primo Viaggio Convertible car seat comes with several state of the art safety features.

It uses Expanded Poly Styrene or EPS foam on the sides of the seat and in the head panels. The Side Impact Protection system, which is easily adjustable, absorbs shock to provide extra protection for your child’s torso, neck, spine and head during impact.
It also includes a Shock Absorbing Foam Element (or SAFE) system underneath the shell. This is designed to crumple upon collision to help reduce impact stress on your child’s shoulders and neck.

The car seat’s top tether hook and contoured steel back plate helps limit forward movement and gives added stability in both rear and facing positions.

Provides comfort without sacrificing aesthetics

Primo Viaggio Convertible was designed with not only safety in mind, but also comfort for your little one. It is made with top quality Fresco Jersey fabric, which has a breathable design and has moisture absorbent properties. This is important in keeping the child cool during the summer or when travelling to the warm parts of the country. It includes a removable wide padded cushion specially designed for infants.

When it comes to overall aesthetic, this convertible car seat is one of the best in the market. The high quality fabric fits snuggly around the frame, concealing the seat’s edges. Its rounded edges and completely enclosed bottom do not only give it a chic and stylish look, but also reduces possible damage to your car as well. This good-looking car seat will definitely be a great addition to your vehicle.

Primo Viaggio Convertible Specs

Weighing around 29 pounds and with product dimensions of 27.7 x 25 x 19 inches, this car seat is easy to fit in your car and to carry around. You can comfortably fit two of these in the backseat of your car.
It allows rear-facing for children up to 45 pounds or 20.4 kg and front-facing for kids up to 65 pounds or 30 kg. It has certifications from FAA and NHTSA, making this car seat safe for aircraft and automobile use.


The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible is top notch when it comes to durability, design, comfort, ease of use and installation and of course, overall safety for your child. It is perfect for parents who are looking for top quality, style, safety and value for money.