Car seats are one of the essentials when you have a baby. Because car seats aren’t usually cheap, it’s proper that you invest in a convertible car seat with outstanding quality.

The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is an adjustable car seat that suits your baby’s size up to 70 pounds. Starting at 9 pounds, you can enjoy a worry-free ride to the supermarket alone with your baby.

Top Features of this Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat

Maxi Cosi has been reputed as Europe’s most popular brand for premium convertible car seats. In the U.S., parents embrace this brand due to its security and safety, comfort, and style. The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 represents this brand in its strictest sense, here’s why:

Security and Safety

The first criteria that a car seat must fulfill are safety and security. If a product is not able to accomplish the main reason why car seats are even made, then why even bother with it right?

At less than 52 weeks, your baby is especially at risk for head and spinal cord injuries as their bones and ligaments are still developing. Their heads are also proportionately larger than their necks. In short, their structural foundation isn’t that stable yet. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) even recommend children face backward until they are at least 2 or 3 years old.

Rear-facing seats give the best support to your child's head and trunk while preventing your child's head from being thrown away from his body in case of a crash. This Maxi Cosi convertible car seat secures your baby rear facing from 9 to 40 pounds and an impressive forward facing 22 to 70 pounds!


Babies are not the most patient people. A comfortable car seat is a must especially when it comes to long road trips. Good thing the Maxi Cosi convertible car seat does the trick.

This car seat is packed with padding guaranteed to keep your baby comfortable. This feature also serves its purpose as a side-impact protection and shock absorbing foam. Plus points for the ultra-soft and plushy harness covers!

Another golden feature of this seat is a cup holder. You know how kids always like to drink but they can’t in a moving vehicle? Well, if you have this seat, you wouldn’t!


Style is what definitely sets Maxi Cosi Pria car seat apart from other brands. Customers love the different colors and designs that this product offers. It comes in pink, blue, brown, or with countless other patterns.

You can choose a color that suits your baby girl or baby boy, or a color that suits both. This car seat is very durable that it could be used for a long time. More importantly, all the designs offered by Maxi Cosi are timeless.

Additional Features You Need

Of course like any other great product, there is more to it that meets the eye. The Maxi Cosi provides ease of use and other great functional components that you didn’t know you needed.

Ease of use
Parent most likely have their hands full with making milk, changing diapers, or keeping the baby from crying. The only way that a product could help is its ease of use. The product is guaranteed to be:

  • Easy to Install – Installation is the first step to a great car seat. However, if it would be such a sweat to install, why bother, right? The seat features installation instructions on both sides. It’s also easy to use even in small cars!
  • Easy to recline – This can be accomplished by just pulling a lever at the back of the seat. In a similar way, the headrest is also very easy to adjust by just pulling it up or pushing it down.
  • Easily Adjustable Harness – This car seat has a 5-point harness that is easily adjusted by just pushing the harness release lever, located under the flap at the front of the car seat. Properly tightened straps are of utmost importance to assure the safety of your child, and the Pria 70 makes it possible to quickly and easily do just that.
  • Easy to Clean – Babies are prone to cleaning disasters, but this car seat poses no problems regarding that area. The covers can be easily detached and then hand washed to 30 degrees to assure germs are removed. The cup holder, on the other hand, can be cleaned by just wiping it off.  

If you are still having trouble with the instructions, Maxi Cosi provides video tutorials for your convenience.

Tiny Fit feature

Although newborns usually weigh nine pounds, some babies are just smaller than others. As usual, Maxi Cosi has already thought of a way to solve this problem. Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is actually available with a Tiny Fit Feature that could fit an infant of at least 4 pounds! That means that you and your baby don’t have to wait to get this convertible car seat.


The Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat is a great investment to assure that your baby is safe, secure, and comfortable in your car. Moreover, it addresses the problem of needing to buy multiple car seats for your baby’s incredibly fast-paced growth during the first years of life.

For your baby’s transportation needs, this convertible car seat is very cost-effective judging from all the features that were stated above. Here’s a car seat that fits your wants, your needs, and your budget. What more could you ask for?