Travelling with an infant may require double checking that all parts of the vehicle are functioning well and in good condition. It requires ensuring that the baby is kept safe, secure, and comfortable throughout the journey. It is for these reasons that a Clek Foonf was created.

The Clek Foonf car seat is one of the most impressive convertible car seat for infant that has been invented in this generation. It is intelligently designed, and can be used in two configurations, as a forward-facing and rear-facing infant seat. Rear-facing is considered as the safest position for your infant during travel.

Advanced Safety System of the Clek Foonf Car Seat

The 2017 Clek Foonf model contains features which are technologically advanced. It is considered as one of the best car seats for infants available in the market today. Some of the amazing features of the Clek Foonf car seat include:


This feature allows for easy installation and removal. The latch holds the car seat securely in place in seconds, and keeps the infant from falling off of the seat.

Advanced side impact protection

The Clek Foonf consists of energy absorbing foam layers and adjustable structural headset complete with metal substructure. All of these features have one goal in mind. It is to protect the infant’s head and sides in case the car suddenly stops on a close to collision or an actual collision incident.

Super fabrics

The latest 2017 model is said to have Greenguard crypton super fabrics. This type of fabric was customized for the purpose of protecting the car seat from odor and moisture which cause bacteria and stains.

Experience the Benefits of Using a Clek Foonf Car Seat

The Foonf car seat by Clek was smartly designed so a child can fit in it and be in a stable position during the course of travel. A child’s height and weight are significant factors for rear-face riding. Foonf allows you to rear-face a child for up to 50 pounds. It allows a child to reach the useful limits of the seat. The weight of the child balances rear-face riding and the longer you rear-face, the safer the child is.

Aside from the super features mentioned, here are more benefits to describe why it is worth it to have one for your baby’s use:

It allows as much as rear-face time as a child can reach.

At most times, a child’s height outgrows the weight. It is for this reason that Clek came up with the Foonf car seat. A child should get as much rear-face time when travelling before outgrowing the height measurement. With the Clek Foonf car seat, the headrest can be extended to its fullest height position.
The car also allows easy access for the harnesses and buckles, too. Moreover, Foonf’s purpose is to be able to provide a usable height range throughout the weight range of the seat.

It has an anti-rebound bar that reduces tensional forces in frontal collisions.

The Clek Foonf car seat was designed with an anti-rebound bar to keep the seat from rotating as much during travel. It also reduces tensional forces in case a frontal collision occurs. What happens is that the anti-rebound bar absorbs the energy that would otherwise go into the child.

To help reduce forces from side impacts, the Foonf was custom built with steel substructures and foam on both sides left and right to support your baby when you abruptly step on your brakes. For rear-facing, it is best to install the anti-rebound bar. On the other hand, Clek recommends using the tether always when the seat is forward-facing.

It can fit any vehicle.

It has a narrow width of 17 inches, which makes it possible to install 3 seats across even in a small vehicle. It is very beneficial to parents who have twins or triplets who can now be seated across each other. It is also handy to those who have 2 or 3 kids that are a year apart and are aged 3 and below.

It is a comfortable seat.

The Foonf car seat is a plush seat that comes in a color that your child would love. Most of all, it keeps your child in a comfortable position while rear-faced. It also means allowing your baby to look out the rear window and get busy with the view while your attention is set on the road ahead.

Another convenient aspect of the Foonf is that it is easy to clean when liquids are spilled on it, which is quite inevitable when travelling with toddlers.

The Value of an Infant Car Seat

Nothing is more valuable in the world than keeping your child safe in the confines of your vehicle in the duration of your trip. It is indeed difficult to train a baby or a toddler to sit still while your hands are tied on the wheel as you maneuver your way through the road ahead of you. This is where the infant car seat comes to the rescue.

With the aid of an infant-friendly Clek Foonf car seat, you are secured that your precious little one is comfortably glued to their seat all the time. The best part of it is reassuring yourself as a parent that by using an infant car seat, you have given yourself the means to transport your child the safest way possible.