The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat is one of the top-of-the-range infant convertible car seats that are popular in the market nowadays. It boasts of features that even car seat technicians approve.

Top Features of the Britax Boulevard ClickTight Car Seat

What makes this child convertible car seat remarkable? Here are the 8 most noteworthy features that you can find in a Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat:

Amazing ClickTight Technology

Britax invented a fool-proof seat installation mechanism by using the vehicle’s seat belt rather than latch connectors. This seat type was first introduced for toddler’s use and became popular amongst parents.

Installation comes easy via the ClickTight process. Once the compartment is opened, feed the seat belt through its slots and close the compartment with a click. It includes a handy indicator which confirms that the seat was installed correctly.

The latch connectors can only hold a certain maximum weight limit of a child. When your child becomes too heavy for using latch connectors, the ClickTight comes to the rescue as it is attached directly to your vehicle’s seat belt.

ARB means Anti-Rebound Bar

An ARB or Anti-Rebound Bar adds a layer of protection to the Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat’s impact protection system. ARB is a padded steel bar attached to the foot-end of the seat.

The purpose of having ARB is to manage the rebound of the seat by pressing into the back of the vehicle’s seat front during a collision. By reducing rebound rotation, it helps stabilizes the car seat during frontal, rear-end, and side-impact crashes. It means that ARB minimizes the risk of injury to a rear-facing child.

SafeCell Impact Frame

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB has a SafeCell Impact frame for added safety measure and reduces risk of injury. The base was formed having a honeycomb structure designed to compress in the event of a collision. It can also lower your child’s center of gravity. In doing so, it saves your child’s head from hitting the back of the seat situated in front of your child. It can ultimately save your child from a head injury or getting hurt.

Aside from the base, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat also has a stabilizing steel frame. The frame strengthens the seat’s connection to the vehicle. On this note, both the base and the frame help counteract the forward rotation of this seat in case there’s an immediate need to step on the brakes.

Absorbing Tether System

The Absorbing Tether System consists of a strap that is attached to the upper parts of the seat. It aims to secure the top part to the lower anchors in your vehicle. The top tether prevents the seat from flexing forward in the event of a collision. It diverts crash forces away from your child and diverts towards the surface area of the seat shell, minimizes movement of the seat, and slows your child’s body down in the event of a crash.

7 Recline Positions and Automatic Level Indicator

Britax came up with an automatic level indicator that gives you confidence that the seat recline position is set in its proper place correctly. The 7 recline position feature helps find a comfortable position for your child when using the seat. It ensures that you can easily install the seat at a recline angle that is safe for your child. Having 7 recline positions also makes the seat an easy fit into a smaller vehicle.

Quick Adjust Position Harness

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat boasts of value for your money. From infancy to toddler age, your child can maximize the use of this seat by adjusting the height of the harness straps and the headrest.

Britax system offers you the convenience of making adjustments easily without the need to re-thread the harness. All you need to do is simply press the red button and pull the top handle until you reach the height that best fits your child. It comes with a Snug Harness Indicator that gives an audible “click” to help you achieve proper tightening of your child’s 5-point harness.

Significantly Greater Height Limits

Britax understands the reference point for your child’s seat’s height limit. It is for this reason that the top of the inner shell of the seat is used as a guide instead of the top of the outer shell. It ensures that your child’s head is not positioned higher than an inch below the headrest level. On this note, the headrest highest setting useable rear-facing height limit is approximately 28 inches to the top of your child’s head.

Side Impact Protection and Energy Absorbing Cushions

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat encompasses reassuring safety and comfort features. Its side impact protection system comprises of a rigid seat shell with deep side walls and headrest with energy-absorbing foam.

What this means to you is that it has energy-management cushions that absorb side impact collision forces before they even reach your child. Furthermore, the plush foam padding in the cover, buckle and shoulder pads surrounds your child in comfort at every touch point. An added bonus is that it has an easy removable cover for your cleaning convenience.

Invest on your Child’s Safety with the Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat

Aside from all the amazing features mentioned, this convertible child car seat measures 18.5 inches wide. In a standard-sized family vehicle, it can fit 3 seats across in a single row. Best of all, it is Certified for Aircraft Travel!

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat offers not only an impressive safety and premium comfort seat for your child. It offers you, as a parent, the assurance that your child is safe in your vehicle while your hands are on the steering wheel, feet on the gas and brakes, and eyes on the road ahead.