Wristwatches make a great addition to your outfit, helping you leave a great first impression. However, if you are a person whose expectations go beyond a great outfit and having a stylish accessory, then maybe, you should widen your horizons. Why settle for an ordinary wrist watch, when you can have much more than that? We are talking about smartwatches and android watch phones, of course!

But, chances are, you know nothing about these two types except that they can show more than the time that passes by. Well, we mentioned widening your horizons, so we will give you detailed explanations on these watches. With a good android watch phone or a smartwatch, you can always be in control of your time and plan your day accordingly. So, for those of you who want to go for great, keep reading this article.

The difference between smartwatches and watch phones

The difference between these two types is not big. However, both of them have pros and cons, which can have a big role when deciding which one to buy.


In essence, smartwatches are computerized wristwatches that cannot only perform basic tasks but can also run apps, work as media players and much more.

Android smartwatches use Android Wear system for providing services and delivering great tools to smartwatch users.

Here are some of the benefits of these units:

•    Communication

Forget about communicating via your smartphone, when you can do that through your smartwatch. Thanks to Android Wear, you can make calls, sync the unit with your phone, and get notifications. The good thing about Android smartwatches is that they come with an always-on display, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on calls or important messages.

•    Fitness tracking

Depending on which model you opt for, you can have access to Google Fit and similar applications that will help you keep track on your calories burned, your steps and everything else that contributes to keeping you in a shape. Sports smartwatches will allow you to measure your heart rate and much more, for the best fitness results.

•    Creating a schedule

We all know how exhausting keeping up with your to-do lists and schedules can be. And that’s where a smartwatch comes in. First, make your schedule on your phone and then let your smartwatch notify you about them. This will save you time since you won’t have to look at your calendar every once in a while.

•    Design

The design is what we really love about smartwatches, as they don’t look bulky. In fact, most models have a sleek design and are lightweight, so as to provide comfort and give you functionality at the same time. This is especially useful if you are a fitness enthusiast or a businessman, as the last thing you need is wearing a large and inappropriate watch on your wrist.

•    Versatility

Android smartwatches can work with Android phones or iPhones, leaving you with many options.

Best Smart Watch: The LG Watch Style

The Style is considered one of the best smartwatches right now, as it provides a good value for the money. Meaning, it has a good performance, is reliable and looks elegant, while it doesn’t cost too much. In addition, this unit is lightweight and has a sleek design, though it does not compromise functionality. With a leather band, this smartwatch will impeccably fit your wrist, feeling light on your skin. You can connect it to iPhone or Android devices, and enjoy many apps and options that will make your everyday life much easier.

android watch phones

android watch phones are actually a subtype of smartwatches. It seems like these devices are still far away from reaching a peak of popularity, but there are still some good models out there that perform well. It is important to know that they are not as good and practical as smartwatches are, but they can serve the purpose.

An android watch phone is a good choice for those of you who don’t want to carry their smartphones with them everywhere they go. android watch phones have full mobile phone ability, despite the fact not that they are not very expensive.

Much like smartwatches, these devices also run on the Android operating system, giving you many great features, such as voice control, fitness tracking, calendars, alarms, etc. You can play music, make calls, read notifications, get alerts, or pair them with your computer or a smartphone for unlocking their full potential.
Now, the main differences are the options to use a SIM card (thanks to a SIM card slot) and take pictures (thanks to a built-in camera). That being said, you will basically have a smartphone on your wrist, so you won’t have to look in your bag or pocket each time you want to make a call or take a picture.

However, the downside is the bulky design. These models will take more space on your wrist (compared to smartwatches) creating that bulky look most people don’t like.

Best Android Phone Watch: ZGPAX Android 4.0

With this handy phone watch on your wrist, you can go wherever you want, knowing that you won’t miss out on that important call you’re waiting. Moreover, you can use a camera to capture every beautiful moment. With a touch screen display, easy-to-use interface, a dual-core processor and a GSM SIM card slot, this unit makes easy work of keeping you in touch with the world around you.


Both Android phone watches and smartwatches are practical and worthy investments, it is totally up to you to decide which one you want.

When you do decide, make sure to choose one of the above-mentioned models, as they are great choices in terms of both functionality and a reasonable price.

The Style offers durability, comfort, a plenty of apps to use while looking spectacular. In addition to that, you can adjust it to your style and outfit by replacing the leather band with one of your choices. On top of all, the unit comes at a great price, so you just can’t go wrong with it.

On the other hand, the ZGPAX Android 4.0 performs well too. With great features, it offers a high performance so you can use this unit instead of your smartphone, on the go. So this android watch phone is a good choice for those who want a high-quality unit on their wrist.

And that’s all from us. We hope this article helped you opt for the type that better suits your needs AND means.  So, grab the best Android watch for your wrist and make the most out of your time.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this little rundown and learned something new. Ask away if there’s anything on your mind. Stay safe, folks!