Well, it looks like the second generation of Huawei smart watches is here. So, meet the Huawei Watch 2 - a smart watch that will help make your mornings, afternoons and evenings more accurate and organized so that you can make every second count.

Whether you are more of a classic type or always choose something different, the Huawei Watch 2 has got you covered. It is available in three sporty designs and colors – Dynamic Orange, Concrete Grey and Carbon Black, as well as in a classic design so that every fitness enthusiast, fashionista, and adventurist can find their perfect match.

Android smartwatches are getting better and better, so it would be a shame not to try this little guy and see it for yourself. In this article, we bring you a detailed review on the Huawei smartwatch (a sporty version) so that you can make a smart decision and buy a good quality smart watch for you.

Huawei Watch 2




Weight: 57 g
Dimensions: 48.9 x 45 x 12.6 mm

-dust/water proof

-water resistant up to 1 meter




Android Wear OS 2.0

Quad-core 1.1 GHz

Qualcomm MSM8909W Snapdragon Wear 2100


MP3 Player
Fast charging

Photo Viewer

Voice commands


Card Slot


SMS, IM, Email












4 GB, 768 MB RAM







AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

390 x 390 pixels

1.2 inches 









Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n



4.1, LE, EDR




Battery life

Talk time

Up to 48h


Carbon Black, Dynamic Orange, Concrete Grey



This Huawei Smart watch performs well, and comes with a plenty of apps and features, for keeping the track of time, your social life, as well as your physical activities. Even though this unit is a bit bulky, it still looks good on the wrist, leaving a powerful impression on everyone you meet. So, if you are not afraid to pay more for a good quality smartwatch and are willing to have it all, then this is the way to go.


First, let’s talk about how this watch looks. Huawei combines metal and plastic, creating a unique look that is easy to notice. With two buttons on the right side, a rubber strap and a ceramic chronograph, this unit has a bulky look. However, compared to some other Sports models on the market, this one has a thinner design.

With all this being said, it is clear that this smartwatch is not one of the best looking out there, but if you are an adventurist, then you don’t mind much about the looks. Seriously, when you are God-knows-where - running, hiking or working out, the last thing you will think about is whether your smart watch looks fancy. However, Huawei thought that if they had not created a stylish smart watch, they at least can bring some color options to their users. So, this unit comes in three cool-looking colors so as to make your workout, running, hike, or walking at least a bit more colorful. 

In addition, the display is easy to read, and you should not have any difficulty with seeing the notifications or figures in the daylight.

As for the durability, the unit is sturdy and well-built, though it is not heavy. Furthermore, it is dust and water proof as well as water resistant, so it can handle the challenges of the weather.

Not only that, but the band is sweat proof, making it comfortable for wearing this smartwatch for hours, even on these hot summer days.


The next thing we want to talk about it the functionality of this smart watch. Even though it does not impress us so much, this unit is designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, and as such delivers great features and a good performance.

With 4GB of memory storage and Android Wear 2.0 Operating system, this unit offers lots of options. You will have access to Google Play Store, Google Assistant, Messenger, and other famous applications. However, what is unique about this model is the NFC technology. Thanks to it, you can pay your coffee at the café, or buy the items at the local store and effortlessly pay for them via Android Pay.

Moreover, the built-in GPS allows for quick and easy navigation. This is especially convenient when you are in a new place and not sure which way to go.

However, this unit is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, as it offers lots of applications so that you can keep up with your steps, workout plan, calories burned, and also monitor your heart rate.

Well, functionality and ease of use go hand in hand. That being said, this unit is a breeze to use. Not only it connects in seconds to Android phones or iOS, but it also works independently. Meaning, the Wear apps are capable of using the data connection on their own.

Since this unit has too many applications, that can be both the good and the bad thing. The operating system is not as fast as with some other smart watches out there, but if you don’t mind waiting for a second for an application to open, then you will be more than happy with all those possibilities at hand (or should we say wrist?).

All in all, this unit will work great with your smartphone, ensuring you don’t miss out on significant notifications, calls or emails.

The Battery Life

Now, the battery life is where this unit outperforms similar models, such as The LG Watch Sport. This Huawei smart watch will not let you down, as its battery last for two days in a normal use. This means, that if you want to prolong the battery life, for some reason, you can do that through a Battery App. This smart app gives you two options to choose from – a Smart Power Saving feature and a Watch Mode.

The former will extend the battery life for about 20% so that you can finish your workout or your route without worrying. On the other hand, the latter will turn off everything, leaving you only with a pedometer and a time. With this option, the Huawei Watch 2 can last for up to 20 days on a single charge or simply save your smart watch from turning off in the case when the battery is too low.


  • -ou can choose from three different colors
  • -omes with NFC, GPS, Google Assistant, Fitness Tracking, and many more useful apps
  • -urable, lightweight sturdy
  • -xceptional battery life
  • -erforms well
  • -deal for fitness enthusiasts


  • a bulky look
  • expensive
  • opening apps takes some time

The Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through this Huawei smart watch review, you know what to expect from the Huawei Watch 2. With all the fantastic features and apps this unit offers, including a top notch battery life, this smart watch makes a good choice for those who want a reliable and durable smartwatch that will follow them on their way to success.