Having a baby could mean many new needs and more importantly, new expenses. Car seats have become a necessity as they help ensure your baby’s safety on board your vehicle. For those looking for an affordable yet high quality car seat, Evenflo Tribute LX makes sure you have a number of items to choose from.

Best Features of the Evenflo Tribute car seat

The Evenflo Tribute car seat has all the features that will guarantee its spot on your backseat.

It meets Federal safety standards

First things first, you must assure that your baby’s car seat can keep your baby safe and secure. With a budget-friendly option, you can be quite skeptical.

The good news is that this product has passed and exceeded all Federal safety standards with side impact testing and Evenflo's side impact test standard. Its design has been said to have a structural integrity of twice the Federal crash tests standards.

It has a 5-point harness: Two of the points are at opposite shoulders, two of the points are at the hips, and one point is where the harness buckles between baby's legs. This goes for keeping your baby safe both in rear-facing and front-facing.

It’s convertible

Your baby is at its fastest pace of growth. It’s a must that you buy car seats that are convertible to avoid wasting money on new ones when your child outgrows it just after a few months. The Evenflo Tribute LX can support your child rear-facing from 5 pounds up until your little one reaches 40 pounds. That’s at least from birth weight up until their first day in preschool of more or less a range of 4 years total!

It’s advisable, however, that parents wait until their baby is at least 19 inches or until they have good head and neck control before having them sit on this car seat.

It’s not just that. This convertible car seat can even support your child front-facing from 22 pounds (about 1 year old) up to 65 pounds. It even has four different shoulder harness positions suitable for your growing baby. Plus points as it’s approved for airplane use! Now, you can really go anywhere with your baby. For less than a 100$, that’s a lot of utility.

It’s lightweight

Car seats are designed to let your baby travel with you. The Evenflo Tribute car seat is the best choice for moms and dads who don’t have their own car, switch between multiple vehicles, or live in a city where they often grab cabs.

Since it is lightweight at only 9.11 lbs., it wouldn’t hurt to bring this car seat along. In fact, you wouldn’t find a car seat more lightweight than this already is. There are certain reviews that say that this particular car seat can be quite a bit tricky to install, nothing new ever is, and it just takes a little of getting used to.

With its lightweight nature, it is also suitable for small cars. Its rear-facing dimension is 19.75” in height by 18.5” in width by 27.625” in length. On the other hand, its front-facing dimensions are 25.5” in height by 18.5” in width by 22” in length. Big sizes and bulkiness are possible problems when it comes to buying convertible car seats but this model poses no sweat with regards to that.

BONUS Features of the Evenflo Tribute LX

Now that we’ve covered the basics of convertible car seats, we are on to the bonus features that the Evenflo Tribute car seat offers:

Ease of Use

Parents already have many things to mind, and your baby’s car seat shouldn’t be one of them. This particular car seat guarantees ease of use when it comes to latching, adjustment, and cleaning.

For latching and adjustment, you can use its built in latch system or your car’s seatbelt. This seat has a large space for the seat belt to pass through so you won’t hurt your hand when you install or remove it. It's pretty durable and the harness system operates smoothly.

Some parents use a rolled up towel for even more support. When it comes to cleaning, the Tribute LX’s convertible car seat pad, and head pillow is easily removable and safe for washing machines. The harness can be wiped clean with mild soap and water and allowing it to air-dry.

There’s also an available instruction in Spanish for Spanish-speaking Americans.


This particular car seat is doesn’t only give comfort for your baby but also for you. First, it’s made of 100% polyester, a breathable fabric. Second, it’s quite spacious so it gives your baby some space to move around and be comfortable. It also has integrated cushions inside the seat to keep your baby comfortably snuggled in your car. Knowing your baby is comfy makes parents pretty comfortable.

But really, who wouldn’t be comfortable with a lightweight, easy to adjust, guaranteed secure car seat? Most of all, who wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that your car seat didn't hurt your finances?

Different color schemes

If you are the type of parent who cares about your baby’s style, you wouldn’t be disappointed with the Evenflo Tribute car seat. There are various designs to choose from: Pink Mums, Neptune, Abigail, Baylor, Saturn, Geo, Kristi and Ella. So go ahead, feel free to find the prints that suit your baby!


If you’re looking for a lightweight inexpensive convertible car seat that far exceeds its value for money, then the Evenflo Tribute car seat is your best bet. It guarantees that your baby is safe and secure without spending too much.