If you want to make tasty drinks and smoothies at home, you need to choose a high-speed blender. Kitchenaid blender does a great job at pulverizing even the hardest ingredients to give you a silky smooth drink that tastes great.

What are high-speed blenders?

High-speed blenders like the Kitchenaid blender have a high-speed motor that spins the blades at insanely high RPM (rounds per minute). Nothing can survive sharp blades rotating at such high speed. Not even nuts, ice, or frozen fruits. The result is a perfect drink with a great texture.

High-speed blenders are made to deliver perfect drinks. The blades run at such high rate that you can even make hot soup in these blenders. The friction produced from the blades running against the ingredients can create friction that can make the drink hot.

A big problem with personal blenders is that they fail when it comes to crushing ice. Kitchenaid blender spins the blades at high RPM so adding ice to your drinks at home would be fun. These blenders have blades made of highest quality materials so expect them to last forever even when you crush ice with them every morning.

These blenders help you create a smoothie reminiscent of those sold at your favorite restaurants. Explore some additional benefits of these blenders and why you might consider buying one of these monster machines.

Crushes ice like a pro

It doesn't get better than a high-speed blender when you want to enjoy a frosty drink. Add some ice to your smoothie while it's still in the blender and let the blender run for a few seconds. You will get an amazingly smooth drink.

Turns hard ingredients into a silky-smooth consistency

Since these blenders can crush ice cubes in seconds, you don’t have to worry about nuts and other hard ingredients that you may want to include in your smoothie for some extra nutrients.

In addition to crushing ice, high-speed blenders can also blend tough vegetables like kale into silky smoothies. You may have to add some liquid to allow the blades to run through the mixture.

Makes you healthy

Kitchenaid blender and other super blenders help you develop a habit of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. There is little doubt that it’s the best way to boost your health.

When you chew and swallow your foods, you lose a lot of nutritional value as your teeth can’t rupture cell structure. A powerful blender will unleash a much greater percentage of nutrients by breaking down the cell structure and revealing the hidden
treasure of vitamins and minerals.

Be careful when using super blenders

When using a heavy-duty blender, you should be mindful of the power of this machine. It’s not your traditional ‘benchtop’ blender. Follow these simple directions when using these blenders.

  • Read the manual and learn everything about controls before you blend your first smoothie in your newly bought blender.
  • If your drink needs more time, let it sit for a while before you consume it. It would come out hot due to high-speed blades rushing against the ingredients.
  • When blending, keep the lid on.
  • Always remove the power cord before you start cleaning the machine.
  • Turn off the blender by turning off the electric supply when removing the jug. If you leave the supply on, you could accidentally turn the blender on and get into trouble.
  • Be extremely careful cleaning the blades. Blenders such as Kitchenaid have extremely sharp blades that can be extremely dangerous when not handled with care.
  • Always follow any special blending instructions that come with your appliance. Never ignore the maximum blending time of your machine.