So you are planning to purchase your own blender. However, you aren’t quite sure how to pick the right one for you. There are plenty of top blenders to choose from. So, how do we pick which one is the right blender for us? Here are things you need to know when buying a blender.

Different types of blenders have their different strengths so it is important to pick one that suits your needs. Most models, even the less expensive ones are competent at various tasks. The first thing you need to consider is the type of foods and drinks you will prepare. You may also want to look at large blenders if your family is big. Aside from this, here are some the essential things to consider when choosing a blender.

What are the common attributes to look for when shopping for a blender?

Speed control

Most individuals prefer to use manual rate control over preset controls because preset controls give them limited options. Manual controls allow someone to slowly increase the blender’s pacing. Those who had problems making shakes in such typical machines must quickly observe this benefit. By gradually increasing the motor speed, users are now able to avoid the “storm effect” which makes it hard to blend smoothies smoothly. Blenders that jumps into motion instantly could make big air pockets within the pitcher. Thus, prevents frozen elements from moving which adds to high rattles when blending.

Large Pitcher

Most quality and top blenders come in large pitchers. Even if you only intend to put a few blend ingredients, it is advisable to buy a large pitcher. The frozen ingredients with fairly large particles still need enough room for them before you begin blending them. Having a large pitcher also helps ensure that you will have enough space to produce smoothies or shakes for everyone your residence.


A tamper lets you press the bits towards the bottom where they can be liquefied by the blades in order to get really smooth blends.  This is because some of the highest quality and top blenders usually have difficulties moving big and frozen materials. Without a tamper, lots of people would switch to other kitchen items that will damage the blender’s blades.

Multi-prong blades

When searching for the kind of knives, it is advisable to take into consideration the way you make a share or smoothie in the house. If you include other substances that are too difficult to blend, you will probably need multiple or liquefy and prong blades which are built to crush them. However, do not attempt to mix ice for it can get the blades damaged when used strongly.


Some blender models have a jug which includes a strainer. This strainer can filter out any remaining lumps when pouring the blended ingredients. Some also have removable inserts in the lid which is useful for adding ingredients while doing a precise blending job.

Storage space

When it comes to storage, size also matters. If you have enough storage space for the blender and their attachments, then things will be easier for you. Ensure that you also have enough storage space for other attachments, accessories, and jars. A typical blender would stand up to 17 inches tall and it would most likely fit under most cabinets or countertops.

Ease of Cleanup

Make sure the jar dishwasher is safe. Most blenders with touch pads are a lot easier to keep clean rather than those that have knobs and dials.

Cable Storage

It keeps the cable tidy when not in use. Some blender machines have a plug storage as well.

Warranty period

Having a warranty can save you from expensive repairs later on. It acts like an insurance policy. Most high-end models offer at least 5 years until 9 years of warranty. Lower priced models on the other hand usually give just a year of warranty period.

How many people to serve

Some types of blenders come with family-sized jars while others have single served jars. Make sure that the size of your blender matches the size of your family’s needs. You should also take into consideration the size of the jar especially if you have kids for this will be a great opportunity for you to bring them a healthier and more nutritious food they would actually like.

Blenders make food preparation more efficient. It also saves your time in the kitchen. Purchasing a blender may sound like an easy task for others, but with all the top blenders to choose from, it takes some consideration to make sure your blender purchase will meet your needs. We hope this article will help you on your next hunt for the best blender suitable for you and your family. Happy shopping!