Magic Bullet is one of those rare, small blenders that grinds the chunkiest of the foods with an incredible smoothness. With the consistent performance, it has been able to win the hearts of the millions of users worldwide. It has also become uniquely compact due to the small size. But is it the best blender in its class? In this Bullet blender review, you will find all the details.   

Unique and Compact Design

The unique design, which looks quite similar to a bullet, is one of the highlights of the blender. It has helped the device to draw a massive attention worldwide. The Magic Bullet is also very small, which means that it will fit easily in the kitchen having a very limited. Same thing goes for the cups.

Being a compact device, the Magic Bullet comes with a few accessories, including removable rims, lids and a number of jars. It makes the blender even more space saving. And it is very easy to clean. You just need to unscrew the parts and rinse them away.     
The blender has two standard cups, which features comfort lip rings. There are 3 resealable lids. Unlike the other budget friendly blenders, the rubber lids do not come off easily. They are sealed very tightly. So, you will never have to worry about getting the prepared drink spilled all over your kitchen due to the loose lids.  

However, there are still some issues in the blender. The manufacturer has used plastic components to make the device budget friendly. But it has caused a number of issues. For example, the plastic piece that holds the cup can be broken off easily and get mixed with the prepared drink. It’s definitely very irritating. You will find more issues related to durability later in this review.

The device comes with the stainless steel blades. They are incredibly sharp and capable of chopping almost everything, including spinach, celery and carrots. Their performance in making delicious smoothies is absolutely fantastic. They spin right in the middle of the fruits. It ensures that everything is being cut smoothly and evenly. However, do not expect the same performance while chopping tomatoes and onions. The blades don’t have adequate width to perform the specific task with perfection.  

Disappointed with Durability

The mechanism of the blender is not strong. There are several issues that have decreased the durability significantly. For example, the connection between the blades and the base if very weak. If the blades somehow get stuck, they will grind the plastic and produce a white powder! The blades can also be damaged, as the rubber inside the blending cap can come out and get completely wrapped around them. Moreover, there are several reports about the burnt out motors. Overall, we are very disappointed with the low durability.  

Buttonless Controls

If you want to get rid of the modern, complex controls, it will be quite impossible for you not to love the Bullet blender. The control is incredibly easy to use, as there is no button involved with the operation. You just need to load up the cup, cover it with the blade, connect it with the power base and press it down. The blender will initiate the operation instantly. It’s as simple as that.    

Impressive Performance

The blender has been powered by a 250 W motor. In terms of watt, it doesn’t look like a strong power unit. However, due to the small size of the device, the motor has been able to deliver adequate power to perform all types of blending tasks flawlessly. It makes the blades spin at an incredible pace, which helps them to cut everything flawlessly.

The fast pace has enabled you to prepare smoothies within just a few seconds. If you love to take smoothies in the morning every day, the device will be very effective for you. It can save you a lot of time. The performance in making salad dressing is also amazing. It can even make mixed coffee drinks flawlessly. And the list goes on!   

In terms of crushing ice, the users have provided a mixed feedback. Some of them have said that the blender breaks ice really well, while the others find that it cannot handle the ice cubes and frozen items effectively. However, we have noticed that the device is able to blend the ice and frozen fruits perfectly. You just need to add enough liquid before starting the blender. Unlike the Black and Decker FusionBlade blender, it doesn’t leave chunks of ice while blending. Overall, we are very happy with the performance.  

Is this Bullet blender good for the cost conscious users?

In terms of performance, there is no doubt that it is the best blender under $40. The $39.88 device shows an impeccable performance while preparing a wide range of drinks and foods. So, it’s definitely the best blender in its class and a great choice for the budget minded consumers. However, by spending less money, you will have to give up your willingness to buy a sturdy, long lasting product. It has several durability issues. So, if you emphasize on longevity, we recommend you to increase your budget and go for the better options. However, if you completely focus on the combination of affordable price tag and awesome performance, it’s quite impossible to find a better device.