Choosing the best blender for smoothies can feel overwhelming. There are a huge number of models available on the market. The variation in price is also massive. But the experience of buying a great blender should not have been stressful, but fun and exciting. And we believe that the Cuisinart CPB – 300 blender has everything to make you excited. From making delicious smoothies to crushing ice evenly, it manages to excel in all areas. But is it worth of your money in terms of durability and longevity?

Cuisinart CPB -300 Blender Review – Compact Design

There are three words to describe the design of this blender: stylish, attractive and compact. The device looks incredibly attractive due to the modern design. And it is very thin. In fact, it is the thinnest blender in its class. So, it takes a very little space in your kitchen.

The blender comes with two types of blades: chopping blade and blending blade. They are incredibly easy to disassemble. You can remove and clean them very easily. So, if you want to avoid all types of hassles while cleaning your blender, it is the right device for you. However, the blades fail to perform as good as their competitors. The relatively shorter size has prevented them to cut flawlessly.      

The device has been packed with three different types of cups. The BPA-free tritan 32-oz cup can be used to cut all types of fruits and veggies. The 8-oz BPA-free cup is able to deal with different types of food processing tasks, including chopping, grinding and whipping. The 16-oz BPA-free travel cup with lid is the most popular one. There are four of them. They have been specifically designed for making different types of drinks on the go. However, the cups are not free from issues. They are really difficult to place and remove from the blender. They can even be leaked while being removed. So, you have to be very careful while dealing with them. Moreover, you cannot stack them together, which means that they will occupy extra space in your kitchen.

The lids on the four 16-oz cups are not fully sealed. So, you should never shake them. Even worse, the prepared drinks can be overflown and come out of the cups very easily. So, you cannot leave them in the fridge.   

Low Durability

I hate to say this. But the Cuisinart blender is not durable. Like the other cost-effective blenders, it comes with several plastic components. Yes, they have brought the price tag of the device within your budget range. However, they have affected the durability significantly. For instance, several users have reported that the rubber gasket got chewed up and mixed with the prepared drink. Moreover, the plastic parts that connect the blade can be ripped off very easily.

There are also issues with the motor. It can overheat very quickly and create a burning smell. You might be forced to wait for 30 minutes until it cools down while making several smoothies in the morning. You will definitely be very frustrated.

Simple Controls

The device doesn’t have complex controls. When you put the cup onto the power base, the blender powers up. Then you have to select a mode. There are three modes. The “high” mode utilizes the full power. The “low” mode slows down the pace. The third and final mode, called “pulse,” combines both of the “high” and “low” modes. But more importantly, it is very effective for making smoothies. You should use it twice for 5 seconds before powering up the blender. You will find that all the fruits are blended evenly and an incredibly delicious smoothie has been produced.  

Flawless Performance

The CPB - 300 is one of the best smoothie systems on the market. It produces drinks in a flash. It’s quite impossible to find a better blender for smoothies under $60. The blades might not be super performing. But they are effective enough to blend all the fruits evenly and deliver absolutely fantastic smoothies. They will never leave large chunks.

If you like to use crushed ice in your smoothies, you will love to use this blender. Unlike the other cheap models, it crushes ice flawlessly. The great score of the Consumer Reports’ crushing test says it all. If you are frustrated with your blender leaving small chunks while blending ice, it is the best choice for you.       

The 350 W motor looks weak only on paper. But in daily usage, it shows a strong performance. It delivers enough power to rotate the blades at an incredible pace. However, as stated earlier, the motor is affected with the overheating issue. So, you should not run it for a long time.

Is this the best budget-friendly blender for smoothies?

The CPB - 300 is not a perfect blender. However, it is definitely a fantastic device for making smoothies. Unlike Black and Decker FusionBlade blender, it will never leave chunks of fruits or ice. However, there are issues with the overheating motor and cheap plastic components. So, with respect to durability and longevity, it’s not worth of your money. But when you combine the awesome blending performance with the affordable price tag of $53.31, it becomes the best, cost-effective smoothie system on the market.