If you are really serious about losing your weight, you should start taking healthy smoothies every day. It is a great way for adding more vegetables in your diet. To make highly effective and delicious drinks, you need a great smoothie blender. The Black and Decker FusionBlade digital blender can be a great choice if you want to get a maximum performance while keeping your budget low. But more importantly, it can compete against the top blenders on the market, which are relatively pricier.   

Easy to Clean Design   

The FusionBlade blender has an awesome, modern looking design. Being built with the durable thick glass, it has become highly resistant to scratches and odors. As a result, all the parts and cups will retain the new look even though you put them in the dishwasher for many times.

The stainless steel blades and the jar look really cool. They come with a unique design. The blades are designed to blend everything evenly. On the other hand, the unique shape enables the jar to develop a constant flow to the blade. All these things help the device to perform at an incredible pace and with a maximum capacity.

The device is very compact. It weighs only 8 pounds. So, you will have no issue carrying it. Despite having a light weight, it is relatively sturdier than most of the blenders in its class. The jar looks really strong. The blender is a breeze to clean, as you can take it apart pretty easily. You can wipe off the base with ease. You will have no issue with washing the blades, as it is safe to handle. So, if you were frustrated with cleaning complex blenders like Ninja, you will love to use it.        

Durability Affected with Plastic Materials

As stated earlier, the blender is sturdier than most of the cheap products. But that doesn’t mean that it is highly durable. There are several issues with the durability. For instance, while the main container is built with glass, the base has been made of plastic.
So, it can be cracked or leaked very easily. Some of the users became very frustrated when they found that the base had sheered itself off and spilled everything all over the kitchen while blending smoothies. This issue could have been easily avoided if the manufacturer had decided to construct the base with stainless steel. The unavailability of replacement parts has increased the frustration even more.   


The blender comes with 3 digital controls. They enable you to change the speed of the device according to your needs. Due to the three speed levels, instead of six, it cannot blend things like nut butter. However, the speed is perfect for blending fruits smoothly and prepare delicious smoothies. There is also a pulse button, which enables the blender to perform at the fastest speed.

Smoothie Mode

The “Smoothie” button is one of the highlights of the device. When you push it, a pre-installed mode will be triggered. It will adjust the speed of the blender to a suitable limit in order to produce the best smoothie within 30 seconds. It is quite impossible to find a faster and an easier smoothie system under $50. The smoothie mode blends everything evenly. More importantly, it is able to make smoothies as delicious as the $500 Vitamix blender. However, according to some users, sometimes, the system leaves chunks of fruits in the prepared drink. You will find the reason behind the issue later in this review.

Superb Performance

The blender has been packed with a powerful 700 W motor. It’s really hard to find the same motor in a blender that costs under $50. With the high power, the smoothie blender has been able to outsmart all of its competitors. As said earlier, it is able to deliver delicious smoothies within 30 seconds.

The power of the motor has also been reflected in performing other tasks. For instance, it shows a very impressive performance while chopping vegetables. The performance in blending frozen fruits is equally impressive. However, it is not a great ice crusher. The users have said that the blender leaves large chunks of ice in the prepared drink. Moreover, the device failed to pass the durability test of Consumer Reports. It didn’t manage to crush ice for 45 times. On the other hand, in the same test, the $45 Cuisinart CPB-300 blender showed a flawless performance. So, if you are looking to crush ice in your blender frequently, the device will not be a good choice for you.

The blades of the blender work great. They have enough sharpness to cut all types of fruits smoothly and produce perfect smoothies. But sometimes, the device might leave large chunks in the smoothie, which will definitely irritate you. The issue has occurred due to the relatively thicker blades. Black and Decker should have made them a bit thinner.   

Is this the best smoothie blender under $60?

The FusionBlade digital blender is a stylish device that delivers the maximum performance while costing you only $54.21. Its smoothie button has made it a great choice for the people who are willing to buy a dedicated blender for making daily smoothies. According to a survey of the Prevention Magazine, it is the best affordable blender on the market. And we don’t have any doubt about it. However, if you love to blend ice with the smoothie, we will not recommend it to you, as it struggles to crush ice evenly.