iBaby Monitor is a fully featured baby monitor device that enables you watch all activities of your baby even when you are not personally present in their nursery. As a parent, you will probably agree that seeing and hearing your child from any room in your home is very convenient. The baby monitor is compatible with any iOS and Android devices.

Most parents have many household chores to complete and need to attend to other work outside their homes. The 360° pan baby monitor ensures that they will be able to keep a watchful way on their little one even as they attend to other things at home or at work. This can provide you complete peace of mind as you know that your baby is safe.

The iBaby Monitor has many amazing features that make it a preferred choice of parents. These include the 360° pan baby monitor, sound and motion alerts, night time vision, pan and tilt, two-way communication, sharing of images and videos and preloaded lullabies.

Remote Camera

The 360° pan baby monitor enables you to get a complete view of the nursery and ensures that no area is left uncovered. You will be able to get a 360° coverage with just a touch of a button. The camera can help you take HD images and videos and you can choose to share it with your loved ones.

Swipe your finger on the smartphone to explore the entire covered area of the nursery. The baby video monitor enables you to tilt and pan the camera as per your specific requirements. The zoom in feature of the camera can help you see everything at the nursery in close range.

Clear Audio Quality

The iBaby monitor is equipped with two-way audio. This feature can help you hear the baby’s voice clearly. The baby will also be able to hear your voice easily. The parents voice can help calm the baby when they are crying or restless.

The baby monitor is equipped with advanced echo cancellation technology. This allows for clear communication with your little one. Parents will be able to record their own voices and play it to the baby to soothe it whenever it cries or becomes restless.

Impressive Video Quality

One of the important things that you need to check when buying a baby monitor is video quality. The 360° pan baby monitor offers clear 720 p high definition images and videos. The images and videos are clear irrespective of whether you take them in the day or night.

Smart Alerts

The baby monitor has many visual alerts that make it convenient for the parents to know of any activity in the nursery room. Parents don’t to have to listen hard or watch the monitor continuously to become aware of any activity in their baby’s room. You will get an alert when the device detects a motion or sound in the room. This ensures that you don’t miss out on anything.

Multiple Views

Most baby monitors limit the number of views that you can get by restricting the number of additional cameras that you can install along with the parent unit. As iBaby is an app based baby monitor, it allows multiple views. The app is accessible to unlimited number of family members who choose to download it.

The iBaby baby monitor has all the functionalities that parents need to see and hear their babies at all times. Monitoring your baby from anywhere is no longer burdensome, as the new technology enables you to stay connected to the baby easily.