Every parent wants a safe and secure environment for their baby. A good baby monitor unit can help parents keep a watchful eye on their child. One of the important things that you need to remember is that an iOS baby monitor is unlike a security camera.

A good choice of baby monitor can enable you to save time and give you complete peace of mind. Security should be your top priority when choosing an iOS baby monitor. As you will be transferring videos and images online, you need an app that is completely secure.

The data that is transferred needs to be fully encrypted so that no one other than those authorised by you is able to see or hear the baby. This is really important for the safety and security of your little one.

Audio and Video

The pan and tilt capabilities of the camera is one of the standout features of iOS baby monitor. The 360-degree pan baby monitor enables you to see everything that is happening in your baby’s room. You miss nothing with the 360-degree view. This is really beneficial for parents who have a very active child.

The camera can be manipulated from one angle to the other with just a simple touch on the smartphone. You will be able to move the camera anyway you want to get the best angle of the baby.

Zoom in to see the nursery room in more detail. The video and audio features can be customized as per the specific needs and requirements of the parents.

The high-quality audio feature of the 360-degree pan baby monitor enables you to hear even the smallest sound coming from the baby’s room. You will be able to hear the burp or yawn of your baby in a clear manner. This helps you take care of their needs immediately.

Talk Back Functionality

The iOS baby monitor allows for two-way communication. This unique feature enables you to hear the baby’s voice on your smartphone. You will also be able to talk back to your little one and soothe them when they are restless or crying.

Using the music player, you will be able to play lullabies that are pre-recorded. Parents will also be able to record their own voice and play them later to calm the baby. This is a really useful feature for working parents. They will be able to use this functionality to talk with their baby when they are at work.

Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Babies are sensitive to extreme heat and cold. Any change in the room temperature can have a big impact on their wellbeing and sleep pattern. Even a small change in the humidity and temperature can make the babies restless.

Parents are often unable to distinguish the change in temperature and the sensors will be able to alert them. You can remotely change the temperature so that the climate becomes pleasant for the baby and they are able to sleep peacefully.

Night Vision

The night vision feature enables you to keep a watchful eye on the baby even during the night. The night vision cameras have infrared LEDs that allow you to see the baby clearly in dim light and dark conditions. This feature can also help avoid bright lights in the room during night time.

The iOS baby monitor brings you features that make monitoring your child a breeze. You no longer have to worry about leaving your baby unattended in the nursery. Stay connected to your baby at all times using the app. The baby will also feel assured of your presence when you talk to them.