Do you want total vision control of your baby’s room or any other room in the home? For most parents, this was just a dream until the infant optics interchangeable lens made it a reality. It is the world’s first interchangeable lens that has greatly enhanced the way parents can keep an eye on their precious little one.

The Infant Optics DXR 8 is a baby monitor unit that supports the interchanging of lenses. The interchanging of lenses is important for parents as it enables them to view a specific point of the baby’s room without having to reposition the entire camera in any way.

The infant optics interchangeable lens has an innovative technology that allows parents to customize the view and camera performance just by switching different lenses. The lenses can be switched within seconds and this offers a lot of convenience to parents.

As a parent, you can choose the most suitable viewing angle and focal length for any kind of specific environment. The infant optics interchangeable lens is similar to a professional camera in many ways.

The infant optics interchangeable lens has three different types of lenses and they can be interchanged, so that you will be able to view the baby in any angle you want. The optical zoom lens and normal lens come with the original monitor unit whereas the
wide-angle lens needs to be purchased separately.

Optimal Zoom Lens

This is perfect for closeup viewing. Most parents prefer looking at the closeup of their baby as they sleep or play in their cribs and the lens provides them an opportunity to do so. The lens enhances image clarity and doesn’t deteriorate resolution. You can place the camera far away from the baby and you will still be able to get a clear image. This is one of the biggest benefits of this lens.

One of the important things that you need to remember is that the optical zoom lens is different from the digital zoom that is usually available in most baby monitor units. The digital zoom usually uses a software that helps in enhancing the images.

Normal Lens

The normal lens uses an aluminium lens hood. The lens provides a clear and crisp image with mid-range coverage. The image is close enough for the parents to ensure that their baby is safe. The wide field of the lens captures the immediate surroundings.

Wide Angle Lens

This lens is sold separately and parents can choose to opt for it as it captures the entire room without compromising on the quality of the image. It provides a complete 170-degree panoramic view. This is considered an ideal choice for parents who have active toddlers or babies.

The parents will be able to monitor the baby and its surroundings in a seamless manner using this lens. The infant optics interchangeable lens ensures that nothing escapes your attention.

The infant optics interchangeable lens can enable you to get the best viewing angle of your baby’s room. Parents can choose to interchange lens depending on the age of the baby. They can opt for the normal lens when the baby is small and doesn’t move around much. The wide-angle lens is a good choice when the baby starts to crawl and move around.

Parents will no longer have to worry about whether they will be able to monitor all the activities of their baby as they move around in their room, when they start using the interchangeable lenses. Switch to viewing your baby in any angle you want with just the touch of a button. Monitoring your little one has never been so easy.