The Motorola Connect baby monitor enables parents to keep an eye on their precious baby while they are at home using a handheld unit. They will still be able to monitor things at home when they are away at work using compatible computers, tablets and smartphones. This is made possible by the Hubble app.

The Motorola MBP854 CONNECT is a full color 4.3" diagonal LCD display that shows real time video and sound in your baby’s room. It has features such as live video streaming and sound and room temperature notification.

The Motorola Connect baby monitor offers what no other device can offer. Parents will be able to keep an eye on their baby in two different ways. The device includes the parent unit and the camera. As it is wifi ready, you will be able to use your smartphone or tablet as monitor along with the app.


Interactive Monitoring

Wherever you are, you will be able to stay connected to your baby by using the Hubble app. The app can be used on compatible computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Motorola Connect baby monitor can help stream real time video of your home. You will be able to receive video, motion and temperature notifications easily. This can enable you to stay informed about what is happening in your baby’s room.

Cloud Video Recording

The cloud video recording service is optional and enables you to record all the action as it happens in your child’s room. The video is then stored securely in the cloud. You will be able to access the video anytime you want on your compatible devices.

The video can also be shared with family and friends. Different plans are available for subscription and you can make the choice depending on your specific requirement and budget.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

You will be able to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera to see the baby in any angle you want.

Hubble App

The Hubble App feature is really useful if you want to check on your baby when you are away at work. This can enable parents to have complete peace of mind knowing that their baby is safe and secure.
When you download the free Hubble viewing app, you will be able to:

  • View videos on a compatible computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • Image snapshot capabilities and free manual video recording facility available. This is compatible only with iOS and android systems with good storage capabilities.
  • Free motion, sound and temperature notifications.  
Infrared Night Vision

This amazing feature can enable you to see your baby clearly even in dim light. The infrared night vision helps you keep an eye on your child anytime of the day or night.

Two Way Communication

Comfort your baby with the sound of your voice using the two-way communication feature. This feature is equipped with high sensitive microphone and this ensures that the baby hears your voice clearly. You can comfort your child from any room in the home or say goodnight to them from anywhere.

Free Motion, Sound and Temperature Notifications

Parents will be able to receive motion and sound notifications to their compatible devices and this ensures that you are always connected to your baby.

The temperature notification enables you to know when the baby’s room is too hot or too cold and you can make the necessary changes to make the temperature comfortable.  
Pros and Cons

  • Touch controls on the screen
  • Low battery alert
  • Sound level indicator
  • Local recording available on a SD card
  • Inferior sound quality.
  • Radio frequency interference
  • The link to the app depends on the wifi connection and this limits its use.
  • Extra camera units can be expensive.
  • The zoom feature has only two level of zoom.
The Motorola Connect baby monitor is convenient to use. The device has great camera and sound abilities with an amazing range. This can definitely make parents life much easier.